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March 1, 2017

Spring into Style

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Spring has sprung in Arizona! I am so excited to show you all some of the outfits I have planned for this spring. But today, I just wanted to spend some time showing you some stores I love for spring clothes, and some outfits I am dying to get.

Modern Vintage Boutique

I am absolutely in love with this store! So many cute options, and this year’s spring collection did not disappoint. So far two of my favorites are the open shoulder floral dress and the off the shoulder light tan dress. Since I live in Arizona, I don’t get to wear my thigh high boots as often as I would like, so booties have become my new best friend. I love how well you can pair this floral dress with a cute pair of brown booties! It also has the criss cross across the chest that has been a growing staple in my closet. The off the shoulder light tan dress has a gorgeous spring color, light feel and is very flattering.


Closet Candy Boutique

You know what I love about Closet Candy Boutique?! Tax is included in the price and there is free shipping. Can you say SCORE! I love how simplistic they have made online shopping and they are so easy to work with. My favorite two styles from their shop right now vary a bit in what you would expect for spring. The maxi dress is just stunning and has such a flattering look. I love how airy it is, which will feel amazing as the weather warms up the next couple months. The criss cross sweater is not normally a “spring” outfit, but this year, the weather has changed every couple days, and I love how adorable and soft it is. This sweater has the perfect transition look for spring, and would pair well with all types of pants. I can’t wait to get my hands on this sweater!


I would highly recommend checking out these two amazing boutiques! They have a great collection. Happy Shopping!