Denver is an absolutely gorgeous city. I had never really explored anywhere around Denver, so it was really exciting to spend our second day trying so many new things! A fun surprise was that my mom’s best friend, Melissa, and her daughter drove down from Breckenridge to spend time with us, too! 

We started our day heading to The Broadmoor Seven Falls out in Colorado Springs. To foreshadow, I am pretty awful at directions; I get confused even when being led by a GPS, so it was no wonder that we got lost on our way to Colorado Springs! The good part is that we got some help from your friendly neighborhood bikers who were able to lead us in the right direction. 



View from the Deck! Crazy tall stairs!



Map of the 7 Falls, hard to tell the difference without the map





Extra waterfall at the top you could hike too!


The Broadmoor is a very upscale place, beautiful restaurants and hotels lining the whole village. We took a shuttle from The Broadmoor shopping area up to the Seven Falls. Once you get there you pay your fee of $14/person to get in. Then you hike up the driveway about a mile to get up the falls. There is a stunning view from the bottom of the falls, as well as an elevator you can take up to a small cliff view that lets you see all the falls! The part they don’t tell you and we didn’t know until we got there was that the steps to the falls… are very steep. We knew that there were over 200 steps, we just didn’t realize there is no ground beneath the steps! My mom and her best friend are absolutely terrified of heights, but they did an amazing job going up and down the waterfall stairs. If you are thinking about going to Colorado, I would say this is a must-see destination. It’s just an absolutely gorgeous view!

After the Seven Falls, we went out to lunch and then toured the Garden of the Gods. The Garden of the Gods is extremely unique and fun to see. The Garden is made of entirely local red rocks (most popular in Sedona, Arizona) and were just as beautiful as they were fun to explore. The best part of this day was after our tour of the Garden of the Gods is that it started snowing! That night Denver got about 5 inches of powdery, white snow! I don’t see a lot of snow in Arizona so this was such a special surprise.




It was so beautiful and made that night so cozy! To celebrate our trip we had a wonderful dinner of coffee and chili. We had an amazing mini-trip to Denver and I am so thankful that my mom and sister could come out, too! 


We are unique 🙂




Thank you, Denver, until next time!



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