One of my favorite hobbies, if you can call it a hobby, is getting professional pictures taken. I love the excitement of putting together a cute outfit, finding an adorable location, and getting pictures that will last a lifetime.

I thought I’d revisit our engagement pictures, and I just fell in love with them all over again! My expectations have grown over the years to expect better quality pictures and more candid poses. I am currently on the hunt for a good photographer to do Horse Shoe Bend in Northern Arizona. Today I am going to share with you 5 things I look for in a good photographer.

Photographer 2

My favorite “posed” photo. 🙂  Photo Credit: Jennifer Conrad Photography


Experience: If they have been to that specific location before, they will know how the lighting works, best angles to hit, and where the best scenic areas are. I look for photographers who are experienced in the area I want the photos taken. It takes a lot of the pressure off you to know where to line things up.

Quality: When you are looking for a photographer, make sure you for consistent quality. Zoom in on the photos, do they look fuzzy or are they clear as day? Make sure they have produced consistently superior quality photos or you could be at risk for getting fuzzy and ‘not quite right’ photos.

Price: There is absolutely no reason to overpay. I support paying a fair price for good pictures. But there is a fine line between a photographer who charges an appropriate price and one that is going to overcharge you. Make sure you read the fine print of the contract. Are you getting rights to the pictures? An online gallery? Do you have the ability to print the pictures on your own or do you have to order through the photographer? Make sure you know all the details of how the photographer works before you book the session.

Style: There are very different styles photographers choose. Some have a darker edge to their photos, some are natural light photographers, and some are studio photographers. Does their style fit what you are looking for? If you are looking through their photos and are saying, wow these are too dark, or too overexposed, or I don’t like how these photos are too posed, this is probably not the photographer for you. You want to go through their gallery saying, “Wow! I would love to have photos like this!” That moment is when I know I’ve found my style.

Reviews: Some photographers have reviews on their pages, others have comments under photos, and some have tagged pictures on Instagram. Take the time to research your photographer. Do clients seem happy with their pictures once they receive them? Is the photographer delivering their end of the bargain in a timely manner. Make sure you look into what others have said. It can save you a lot of headache in the future!

After you go through these five steps, you should have a gut instinct about which photographer will fit your style and needs. If you are unsure, it’s best to keep looking until you are confident with your decision! I am so excited for my next session and can’t wait to see yours as well!

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Photo Credit: Miss Mae Photography 

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Photo Credit: Miss Mae Photography


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