The Ultimate Christmas Movie Night

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The ultimate Christmas movie night is easy and so attainable! If you have the patience and take the time to prepare, you will get an unbelievable and fun family night!

Lets start with the drinks for the night. The first step in the movie night preparation is getting the hot chocolate ready to go. I’ve mentioned my favorite hot chocolate recipe before, but it is seriously the easiest and best recipe I’ve tried! A tip though, don’t leave the hot chocolate unattended, you don’t want to let it burn while you are working on the rest of your drinks for the evening. Once you have the hot chocolate prepared and warming, it’s on to the accessories for the hot chocolate, peppermint candy spoons!

Peppermint candy spoons are amazing, seriously I cannot recommend these enough. They are perfect for movie night and an amazing stocking stuffer! The key to these is to make sure you let them cool completely, my first batch I didn’t let them sit long enough and they cracked coming out of the mold. If you follow the recipe to a tee, you will have amazing peppermint spoons, like my 2nd batch turned out! Then you take your homemade hot coco and stir with your peppermint spoons for an amazing Christmas movie drink!

Now onto the food for the evening! Let’s start with Rice Krispie treat balls, the only person I know who doesn’t like Rice Krispies is my husband, but I still think these are critical for the movie night process! And these Christmas theme Rice Krispie Balls are the perfect place to start and an easy treat for your family! Traditionally, you make sugar cookies and decorate them for Christmas movie night, but I’m going to change things up this year.

These pumpkin cookies are seriously unbelievable, and I’m not just saying that. My coworkers loved them last year when I made them and my picky husband did as well (that is a serious testament to these cookies)! Now, they do require you to make homemade icing, so I would actual work on these cookies before any of the other items in your list! I would also make sure to remember that these cookies don’t have a long shelf life, so if  you don’t eat them all give the leftovers to your neighbors, coworkers and friends!

Now that you have the food and drinks ready it’s time to start the decorations. My all time favorite way to watch movies is by making a blanket fort around the tv. Yes, I know I am 24 and I shouldn’t enjoy doing that anymore, but it makes the experience so much better! It usually works better if you use a large sheet for the outside and then line the outside of the sheet with Christmas lights. This gives the inside a nice glow, just make sure you are careful with the placement or it will pull down the sheet. Anchor the edges to the wall and tv stand/fireplace to keep the lights and sheet up. Once you have the outside anchored and ready to go, grab at least 4 blankets and 6 pillows and line the inside of the fort. Crawl in and test the inside, make sure you can see the tv and will be comfortable throughout the movie.

Once you’ve accomplished all these things, you are ready to start the movie night! Relax and enjoy every moment as these are the moments you will always cherish!


Merry Christmas y’all!


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