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By January 16, 2018Travel

This year I cannot wait to share the places I plan on visiting in 2018! This is my husband’s last full year in Arizona so I am hoping to hit all my bucket list places here before he leaves on rotation!

1.) San Francisco-This was on the bucket list when Evan and I set off to Arizona. We wanted to see the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and China Town! Growing up with a dad who was a structural engineer and an architect, I have a huge appreciation for the Golden Gate Bridge and what it means to the city. My husband and I love exploring historical sites, even ones with a rough history, see Alcatraz would be a memorable moment for us. China town, seriously who hasn’t wanted to go to Chinatown and see everything that is there. I mean who hasn’t seen Rush Hour and not wanted to see Chinatown?

2.) Zion National Park in Utah. I have heard nothing but amazing things about this park and the unbelievable views from the hikes. Zion park is only six hours away from Phoenix ad I am so excited to explore these views! One thing I will say I have heard from those who have gone, is that some of the hikes are precarious, and I don’t do so well with life threatening situations. So, I might need to be a little more picky about which hikes I choose!

3.) Tombstone- My grandfather has been telling me to go to Tombstone and Old Tuscon since I moved out to Arizona. He had a huge love of western movies and absolutely loved this side of Arizona. At the end of this year, I am hoping to go down to Tombstone and see all the marvelous views he has raved about for so long!

4.) WINE SAFARI– Two words, wine and animals. Seriously there could be nothing better than seeing exotic animals and getting to drink wine! I heard about this place from Amanda Stanton on Instagram and let me tell you, I have never been so excited! From the couple times I have looked at booking a trip, weekends fill up quickly, so if you know you want to go on a weekend you need to book at least a month in advance. Weekdays seem to have more flexibility as these are offered year round and weekends are only available November to March. Prices range from $65/person to $190/person depending on what type of safari you want to go on.

5.) Napa Valley- As you all know Napa was hit hard by wildfires last year. The wildfires destroyed many vineyards and put other with thousands of dollars of repairs and damages. I have always wanted to go to Napa and ever since the wildfires I feel even more desire to visit. Not visiting a tourist area after a natural disaster only hurts their economy more. The best thing you could do is be considerate and continue to go so you can be a light that helps rebuild the vineyards and the gorgeous views of Napa Valley.

Do you have any suggestions on where I should go this year?!



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