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February 2019

Phoenix to Seattle

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This past weekend my husband and I completed the first leg to our 4th year rotations! We drove from Phoenix, Arizona to Seattle, Washington and it was without doubt one of the most beautiful drives we have ever been on! Coming into the Pacific Northwest was like a dream, full of gorgeous mountains, sunrises and sunsets, and tons of scenic views to stop at.

There are times where you can’t believe where you are, where you can’t believe that this is your life. And there are times, good and bad, where I feel this way. However, this trip with my husband was one I will never forget or take for granted. We went through several states on this trip: Nevada, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Through this experience I have a few tips for the road if you ever take this drive!

1.) Take your time, there are several gorgeous stops along the way! One of our favorite stops was Shoshone Falls, a gorgeous waterfall in Twin Falls, Idaho. This waterfall is down a back road and a pretty steep mountain, but it has convenient RV parking and is completely FREE! There are multiple viewpoints to view the falls, and these falls are 45 feet higher than Niagara.

2.) Plan to stay at the larger truck stops. We were huge fans of Lowe’s truck stops. They all had great amenities and large parking spots to park our trailer for the night. It also helps staying there is free and gives you the opportunity to get some rest in a safe environment with a lot of people. I would recommend looking ahead and finding a Lowe’s to stay at on your next RV trip.

3.) Spend your first day exploring your new city! We did some of the most tourist driven activities we could. The observation deck on the Space Needle and Pike Place Market were our first stops!

The Space Needle had the most gorgeous views of the Olympic Mountains and the city of Seattle. With two floors to experience the views on, rotating floor views and slanted benches you will love every minute of your time on the Space Needle. If you are planning to see the Space Needle and some of the cities other attractions, I’d highly recommend looking into the city pass which will give you a cumulative discount on your activities. You can access the city pass here: Seattle City Pass.

Pikes Place Market is a bustling market full of fresh flowers, fresh fish, and tons of local vendors. There is something for everyone at this market and it’s open 363 days a year! You could spend hours getting lost in the hustle and bustle of the market, enjoying amazing fresh local foods, and viewing the Pugent Sound while you are at it!

It’s safe to say that the Seattle has stolen our hearts and we are thrilled to experience this amazing city! Culminating all of our travels into a fun Seattle Travel Guide that will come at the end of the month!

The drive between Phoenix and Seattle
Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls, Idaho
Space Needle
Observation Deck, Space Needle
Pike’s Place Market
Pike’s Place Market
Fresh Flowers at Pike Place Market
Enjoying that gorgeous Pugent Sound view!

When It Rains In Arizona… It Pours In The Trailer

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It’s one of the few days in Phoenix when its raining, and honestly I was thrilled it was raining! I was in a great mood and was coming home ready to relax and enjoy my evening. Pull into the park and walk into the trailer after work, and all I see is water. Our new floor is covered, the seats are soaked, and I see a consistent drip of water coming from the slide out. It was like stepping into a movie, where the main character has had a million other things go wrong and on top of it all, the rain leaks. Rain leaking into your home is one of the most disheartening things in the world. Especially when you think you fixed it!

Oh the joys of buying used. You just can’t guarantee that everything will be working perfectly the entire time you need it. It’s unfortunate to have these moments, but this is also why we decided to start living in the trailer earlier than we initially planned. These couple months were to work out all the kinks in the system. While that’s all grand and dandy, it’s also a giant pain in the butt! It’s a lot of worry and stress trying to get everything resolved in time. But it’s also, fire-pits in front of the lake overlooking the stars, its cuddling up in the trailer to watch a movie, it’s getting out in nature and enjoying all that life has to offer.

The trailer life is new neighbors every few days. It’s doing puzzles, taking walks outside, and truly enjoying each others company. So for all the stress that a used trailer brings, the fun, love and excitement make it all worth while! This is life I always dreamed of living. If you are on the fence about trying the trailer life, let me encourage you that it will far surpass your expectations!