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April 13, 2019

Seattle Destination: Snoqualmie Falls

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Snoqualmie Falls was one of my top destinations when we arrived here in Seattle. An absolutely gorgeous waterfall 100 feet higher than Niagra Falls. These falls were only 20 minutes from Issaquah RV Park making it an easy trip on our first Saturday in Seattle.

Snoqualmie Falls is located behind Salish Lodge and Spa and is a completely free attraction! There is free parking right across the street from the hotel, with plenty of spots and room for larger vehicles. A quick walk over the bridge leads you to the first overlook of the falls.

The first overlook is high over the falls giving you a view of the entire falls and the lodge situated next to it. These observation decks were spacious and for a Saturday morning virtually empty. Of course as soon as we got there it was windy beyond all belief.

There is another observation deck that gives you a view of the falls from the bottom of the mountain. If you are willing to hike down, the view is worthwhile. The hike down is full of lush greenery, moss covered tress, and tons of berry bushes. Take your time walking down as there is so much to see and experience as you hike to the waterfall.

Once you get down to the lower observation deck you are greeted with a view of the entire waterfall and the surrounding forest. This observation deck is not as big as the upper observation area so be prepared for a tighter fit. However, you are able to feel and experience the power of the waterfall and see the water in all its glory. The views from this observation deck are best when it’s sunny so if you stay long enough for a bit of the sun to pop out, you will be rewarded with gorgeous views and hints of rainbows in the waterfall. While you are here you can also hike down to the river front. Some of my favorite views were down at the river as you could get up and personal with the water, trees and vast mountainside.

After you head back up the mountain to get back to the upper observation deck, there is the Salish Lodge immediately to your right on the way out. Their restaurant, The Attic, is a gorgeous place that you can go eat at. I highly recommend making a reservation prior to arrival and request a window seat. We were lucky enough to get one of these highly coveted tables and it was a wonderful lunch experience. From our view we were able to watch kayakers paddle up to the falls and then raft down the river, view the falls and overlook the mountainside. Not only was the view to die for, food at the Attic was delicious and the speed of service was amazing. I highly recommend heading there after your experience at Snoqualmie Falls, it was the perfect way to round out our experience.

A few tips for those planning to come to Snoqualmie Falls.

1.) Be sure to bring a wind and rain resistant jacket.

2.) Wear boots suitable to hike in. While the trail is paved, the hike is steep so good shoes are required.

3.) Take your time. It is easy to rush through a site like this. Take a deep breath and enjoy every minute of your time here, the longer you are here the more in love with it you will become!

4.) Don’t forget a good camera! The observation decks are placed a good distance away to protect you against sudden water changes. As long as you bring a good camera you will get the great pictures you are hoping for!

If you ever come and experience Snoqualmie Falls, be sure to tag us in your pictures as we’d love to see your adventures!

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Biggest tip, wear rain clothes! Since we ignored that recommendation, we got completely and utterly soaked when it started pouring!