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July 2019

Don’t be Passive! Be a Confident Voter

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Even if you don’t watch the news its hard to miss the political craziness that is happening. As the 2020 election nears, the political atmosphere is amplified to an almost exhaustive point.

How can you be confident in a political climate like the one we are in? How can you be confident when the two sides cannot find commonality and are constantly belittling each other? How can you be confident in what to do when everyone is constantly telling you to attack those who don’t agree with you?

The unfortunate part of politics is you have no way of seeing the future. You cannot determine every decision that a senator, congressman or president will make. However, you can make a confident decision, even in today’s political environment.

Do Your OWN Research.

Relying on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for your news and political knowledge is without a doubt the most irresponsible thing you can do when deciding who to vote for. You have to do your own research. Research how you candidate has voted historically, what causes do they seem to be passionate about, what areas do they focus on the most? Do the things that you find make you feel confident about how that candidate will handle political decisions? Will those decisions be something that you could live with?

Here is the thing with voting, the person you vote for is your responsibility too. You are putting your stake in the political climate of our future by voting for them. Make sure that who you vote for is someone you would be proud to stand by 4 years down the road when they are facing reelection. Don’t feel pressured to vote for someone by your politically savvy Facebook friend. Don’t vote for the ‘popular’ person just because you don’t want to admit you wanted to vote for someone else.

The only way that our political climate can grow in a positive way is if you take responsibility and vote with CONFIDENCE. Vote with the knowledge that you can and do have a say in where we go as a nation.

Expand Your Horizons.

If you don’t go out of your way to learn and expand your horizons, you have no say in where we are going as a nation. You need to take your own responsibility and learn about what is going on. Be informed on the issues. I am the first one to tell you that its so much easier to ignore the policital climate and live in my own bubble. But I also know that when I do that, I have no right to comment on what changes are made in the world. In order for you to truly be confident in your political life, you need to get out and learn about the issues. Be informed about the major players in the issues that are near and dear to your heart.

Are you passionate about climate change? — Do you know the current climate change issues? Do you know the major players advocating for change? Are their beliefs in line with your beliefs on climate change? These questions need to be answered for you to truly have confidence in what you are voting on and for.

Tune Out The Noise.

Our social media climate is dangerous when it comes to politics, facts can be skewed to fit an agenda. Posts can be sponsored to appear in front of you influencing your decisions. Navigating politics today requires strength to ignore misrepresentation, ignore blatant attempts to persuade you, and focus on the truth. When you are able to block out everything but the facts and the truth behind each candidate you will have confidence that you are making the best decision you can.

Social media has become our news outlet, even though the facts are skewed and unreliable at best. The key to a confident vote is to be able to see through the noise and find the truth. I would also suggest that we start to remember that everyone on social media will have their own opinions. Those opinions will be shared with passion and drive, our biggest asset is being able to look at these opinions objectively and without arguing over every small issue. I challenge you to enter this election season with a new outlook! Below are some quick tips to help you with this new outlook.

Tip’s on voting with Confidence.

1.) Let Go of Your Need for Control

You will never be able to control those around you. There will always be those who disagree with you. While you may not be able to control those around you, you can control YOURSELF. Trust that you have a voice. A voice that has meaning, a voice that can make an impact.

2.) Be Active in Your Community

Be active in your community, be engaged with the issues, be at town councils and city events. Be active with the issues going on in your community and do your part to be involved in resolutions. This involvement will lead you to understand how potential candidates could better assist and will give you confidence when choosing which candidate you believe can make a difference.

3.) Every Candidate has Flaws

No matter how much we like to believe that our candidate will be flawless and make every decision the way we would, that is simply not the case. Every candidate will vote on at least one issue that you disagree with, they will do something or say something that isn’t in line with your beliefs. That is okay! When we acknowledge the fact that politicians are human and make errors, the easier it will be for us to focus on all the things they are doing right. And when those positives outweigh the negatives, we know that we made the right choice.

As the presidential election begins to ramp up, remember these tips. Remember that you are fully equipped to make a logical and confident decision.


How to Travel Solo with Confidence

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Over the last few months I have dramatically increased the amount of solo traveling I do. I have traveled across the country several times, traveled out of the country, and spend a lot of time planning upcoming solo travels.

One of the biggest aspects to my current position is that I have a lot of travel hours to put in. Between site visits, events, and travels to visit family, I am traveling alone a lot. Solo travel has tons of perks as there is time to reflect, time to enjoy yourself and to just experience life. But it also presents its own problems, no one is looking out for you and no one is there to assist you along your travels.

Traveling solo is all about having confidence and confidence comes from planning and being prepared in all circumstances. When you travel, especially on your own, we want to make sure that you plan for anything that may come your way. Here are some of our tips to help you solo travel with confidence!

Planning & Preparation

Review everywhere you are planning to go and potentially planning to go. Make a thorough itinerary of every attraction, park, transportation route and accommodation during your trip. The more detail the better in circumstances of traveling alone! One thing that has worked well for me is that my husband and I have a shared calendar on our phones. My flights, hotels and other pertinent information are available at the drop of a hat in case he ever needed to find me. Additionally, always keep a copy of your travel documents when you travel. I’ve heard of many instances where these copies could have prevented travel headaches and kept everyone safe. Remember it’s best to be over prepared than underprepared!


Awareness is absolutely critical in solo travel. You may be in the nicest private cars, 5-star hotels and Michelin restaurants; but there is no reason to not be aware of your surroundings and the behavior of the people near you. Today’s political and social atmosphere is extremely toxic, making it nearly impossible to fully trust the people around you. Some of my personal awareness tips are: getting off the phone when walking outside or to a new location, keep something in your hand to defend yourself, and keep your eyes peeled for anything that looks abnormal. You are your biggest defender; take precautions, trust your gut and always double check who you get in an uber with!

Key Takeaways:

Have extra copies of your ID/Passport in case you lose your credentials.

Keep all your valuables hidden when traveling and try to avoid wearing expensive jewelry.

Keep friends/family notified of your travels and some of the key locations you will be going to.

Wherever you go, the most important thing is to stay safe. Remember is better to be overly cautious so you can prevent any potential travel issues.

Safe travels everyone! xox- Kayla

Bringing Kindness Into the World

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“With the world so set on tearing itself apart, it don’t seem like such a bad thing to me to want to put a little bit of it back together.” Desmond Doss

The world we live in is constantly trying to tear not only itself but you apart. The world doesn’t want you to be confident and happy. The world knows that if you are confident and happy then you won’t need them. Our society thrives on fear, terror, self-consciousness, anxiety, greed and power.

What can you do to put the world back together again? I would say its by starting to see the world as bigger than the bubble you live in. The easiest way to understand this is to reflect on all the things you have thought of in the last few days. Has any of it been focused on what you can do for others? My guess is, most of what you think about are your own problems, issues, ambitions and goals. And while all of these have their place in your day to day thoughts, we fail to add time for others.

A little kindness and generosity goes a long way. A little spark can build a huge fire and truly bring change to the world. Our world will always continue to tear itself apart, there will always be arguments and wars, there will always be those out to hurt and destroy. But where there is darkness, there is light. Be the light the world needs to see. Have confidence that you are the light that can change the world. Confidence that you have the ability to go out and make that difference.

When you look back at your life, what are you going to care about? Are you going to care about the cars you bought, the things you did, the job you had or are you going to care about how you treated people. Are you going to care about the difference you made and they impact you made on those around you? My guess is, you will care more about the impact you made and how you helped those you crossed paths with.

If we are to start choosing to put others above ourselves and bringing real kindness into the world, we should start at home. Start with your community and family and bring a contagious light to all you meet. Remember these three things as you start finding ways to be kind and generous in your community.

1.) Every little act counts.

Everything you do, even if it is the smallest act of kindness or generosity is impactful. It changes the world one step at a time. Buy someone a cup of coffee, bring flowers to your elderly neighbor, help a child with their homework, or just bring a smile to someones face.

2.) You have a clean slate every day.

Every day is a new opportunity. If you messed up the day before, or didn’t show kindness to those around you its okay. Take a deep breath, let it go, and move on to the next day. Change starts with little acts and each day is an opportunity to be more and more generous and kind.

3.) Be confident in what you are doing.

Be confident in who you are. This is absolutely critical to being kind and generous to those around you. You have to be confident that what you are doing is the right thing and that each thing you do is for a reason. When you feel like you aren’t making a dent in this dark world, be confident that the smallest beam of light is all that is needed to break up the darkness.

Go out there with confidence and be the light!

xoxo- Kayla