Over the last few months I have dramatically increased the amount of solo traveling I do. I have traveled across the country several times, traveled out of the country, and spend a lot of time planning upcoming solo travels.

One of the biggest aspects to my current position is that I have a lot of travel hours to put in. Between site visits, events, and travels to visit family, I am traveling alone a lot. Solo travel has tons of perks as there is time to reflect, time to enjoy yourself and to just experience life. But it also presents its own problems, no one is looking out for you and no one is there to assist you along your travels.

Traveling solo is all about having confidence and confidence comes from planning and being prepared in all circumstances. When you travel, especially on your own, we want to make sure that you plan for anything that may come your way. Here are some of our tips to help you solo travel with confidence!

Planning & Preparation

Review everywhere you are planning to go and potentially planning to go. Make a thorough itinerary of every attraction, park, transportation route and accommodation during your trip. The more detail the better in circumstances of traveling alone! One thing that has worked well for me is that my husband and I have a shared calendar on our phones. My flights, hotels and other pertinent information are available at the drop of a hat in case he ever needed to find me. Additionally, always keep a copy of your travel documents when you travel. I’ve heard of many instances where these copies could have prevented travel headaches and kept everyone safe. Remember it’s best to be over prepared than underprepared!


Awareness is absolutely critical in solo travel. You may be in the nicest private cars, 5-star hotels and Michelin restaurants; but there is no reason to not be aware of your surroundings and the behavior of the people near you. Today’s political and social atmosphere is extremely toxic, making it nearly impossible to fully trust the people around you. Some of my personal awareness tips are: getting off the phone when walking outside or to a new location, keep something in your hand to defend yourself, and keep your eyes peeled for anything that looks abnormal. You are your biggest defender; take precautions, trust your gut and always double check who you get in an uber with!

Key Takeaways:

Have extra copies of your ID/Passport in case you lose your credentials.

Keep all your valuables hidden when traveling and try to avoid wearing expensive jewelry.

Keep friends/family notified of your travels and some of the key locations you will be going to.

Wherever you go, the most important thing is to stay safe. Remember is better to be overly cautious so you can prevent any potential travel issues.

Safe travels everyone! xox- Kayla


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