Do you ever feel inadequate for your job? Do you ever feel like you can’t handle any more stress, anymore assignments, or just anything at work?

If you have those feelings, let me tell you, they are NORMAL. It is normal to be unsure about your work. It is okay to wonder if you are in the right field. It is okay to be frustrated and stressed out. One of the biggest misconceptions I’ve ever heard is that you have to have a career lined up that you love and are amazing at by the age of 22. I mean seriously, who knows exactly what they want to do at 22?!

The truth is that we should be taught that our careers will constantly be evolving. That it is okay to jump into a different field, to try a new path, to learn a new skill outside of your current path. These things should be what we are encouraging our colleagues to do. The more that we explore and reach out, the more discover about our skills and talents. We may find out that we are actually amazing at history and have the skills to be a teacher. We may find our that we can’t stand corporate life and want to venture out on your own. Or you may find out you can’t stand the stress of the entrepreneur lifestyle and that you crave the stability of corporate life.

Confidence in today’s workplace really equates to confidence in yourself. Work will always be stressful, will always have unexpected ups and downs, and will always bring frustration into your life. So how are we to have and build our confidence in the workplace?

1.) Starts with acknowledging that you are not STUCK.

You are not stuck in this job or in this career. Regardless of the roadblocks you allow your mind to believe, you are NOT stuck. You can move out of that job and into a new position. Companies do not own you, you are free to leave and explore new options. There are countless blogs, posts and colleagues who you can go to to learn how to leverage your current skills, position and background to get into the job you want to be in.

2.) You are capable. You are intelligent. You can do this.

One of the first steps in any job, and especially when you are looking to build your confidence levels is to remember that you are enough. You have the skills, knowledge and determination to do this job and do it well. If you are feeling that you lack in one area or another, take initiative to learn. Get out of your comfort zone, listen to podcasts, go to a seminar, or ask those around you for help. It’s okay to admit you don’t know something, it doesn’t make you unable to do a job, it actually makes you the perfect fit. It means that you are willing to grow, willing to admit when you need help and willing to do what it takes to do the job well.

3.) Stand Up for Yourself.

This is one of my biggest challenges, being able to stand up for myself. Realizing that even though you may work for a company and have a boss, that does not give someone the right to walk all over you. You are strong, capable, smart, and confident. Be confident that you are worthy and people cannot walk over you and your ideas. Stand tall, stand proud and know that you are just as important as they are. At the end of the day, we are all human, we all bleed red. Don’t let anyone make you feel less than you are.

Whatever happens in your career, believe in yourself. Believe in your abilities, believe in who you are, believe you are capable, but most importantly believe that you are worthy.



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