Where you are today is a direct result of the choices you made in your past. Your confidence in yourself is a series of choices. Choices that you make, the things that you say, and the life that you lead. Every day you are given several options, and the path and choices you make today will directly impact the course of your life.
The question becomes, what choices are you making? Are the choices you are making leading you to a more confident life? Or are they leading you to a life where you are full of distrust in yourself and your abilities?
This is an area that I struggle with every single day. It’s easy to focus on only my negative choices and the negative things happening in my life. I can jump down the rabbit hole and get lost in these thoughts if I don’t make a conscious decision to focus on the positives. To say that I am worthy of more than I believe I am. That this life is what I make of it, I can make it a positive and wonderful experience, or I can choose to succumb to the dark thoughts that are always trying to encroach on our life.
As I strive to be a more positive, confident person I have found a couple avenues that have helped guide me in this process.
1.) Take Time to Invest in You
Get out of your comfort zone and invest in yourself. Learn something you’ve always wanted to know. Take a new class on a subject you’ve always found interesting. Get out and explore a new area of your state and look at it with fresh eyes. Go to your favorite bakery and enjoy a cup of coffee and a good book. Invest in you, invest in your future. Don’t be afraid to step out into a new field. Confidence and positive lifestyle starts with a single step.
2.) Positive, No Negatives
Of all the negative things we say in this world, sometimes the worst things we say are to ourselves. We tell ourselves that we are unworthy, ugly, unintelligent, and a whole host of other things. The more we say these negative things about ourselves, the more we will believe them. We are quick to believe the worst in ourselves instead of believing the best. Confidence comes when we choose to be positive instead of negative. When we choose to tell ourselves that we are beloved and worthy we change our thought process.
3.) Give Selflessly to Others
Giving of your time, energy, and resources will elevate your confidence. I don’t feel less confident than when I have treated someone unfairly or without kindness. When I have chosen to be selfish instead of being giving and selfless. There is something about treating others right that leads to an abundance of confidence and joy. Pay it forward to the stranger at Starbucks, run an errand for your spouse, or treat your least favorite coworker with kindness. Try to live a more selfless life and in turn your confidence with grow.
Choose today to take steps toward a confident future. Be content with where you are now but be willing to push forward toward your dreams. Say kind and positive things to yourself and let go of the doubt from your past mistakes. Your choice today will impact your confidence and your future endeavors.

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