The Happiest Place on Earth, the worlds largest and most effective marketing machine, the place that all people want to come and visit. Disneys Magic Kingdom is one of the most visited parks in the country and hosts the most iconic Disney Castle. For the first time in over 10 years, we finally made it back to Disney! So today I’m just going through a few of my takeaways from our day at Magic Kingdom.

While it was without doubt a phenomenal park with endless things to do and see, it also had moments of intense stress and aggravation. Now granted, we did not have children with us, and that can take away from the magic of seeing Disney through their eyes. But there were definitely good and bad parts to Disneys Magic Kingdom.

Let’s Start With The Good

Walking up to the Magic Kingdom is exactly how you’d imagine it to be. The entrance is grand, full of magic, and extremely inviting. The employees are kind and definitely focused on bringing the best experience they can. As you enter the park, the moment can take your breath away. Between the village, castle, ambiance, music, characters, staff and decor it’s easy to.get sucked into the magic. Everywhere you look is overwhelmingly beautiful. I believe the extent to which they have branded the parks, from the entry to food, to rides, to attire and souvenirs is what makes this place so special. They have branded everything to make it so Disney oriented that you can’t help but get intrigued and consumed by what is around you. So let’s go into a few of my favorite things from Magic Kingdom.

One of the best parts of the park is that it is easy to navigate as it all shoots off from the castle, making it easy to hit your favorite parts of the park quickly and efficiently. Now, onto the food. I swear 90% of the food has some sort of Mickey Ears branded on it! Between the famous dole whip, the Mickey Ear Ice Cream and the endless turkey legs there is something for everyone in Magic Kingdom. There are meals with Disney characters, street side vendors with everything you could ever need, and all sorts of specialty shops to investigate along the way. And while you could spend your day eating your way through the park, you have to check out the rides. The rides are classically named and most are very fun for both adults and kids alike! I highly recommend going to the ride you most want to go on first thing in the morning, that way you are guaranteed to get to ride it! For us, Space and Splash Mountain were highest on our list. And except for Peter Pan all rides were reasonable wait times and lines moved quicker than you’d believe, even on a Saturday. But above all, I love meeting the Disney princesses. The princesses are in character the entire time and are unbelievably kind and generous. They exemplify the Disney brand in all they do and it is without doubt one of the better parts of the Disney experience!

Now On To The Not So Good

Let’s start with fast passes. If you don’t have FastPasses scheduled it can be extremely frustrating to stand while people continuously pass you. My biggest issue with FastPasses is that you need to schedule them in advance. So even if you do plan fast passes ahead of time, you have to schedule your entire day around those preset times. Preset times are good and bad, good for very scheduled people, bad for those who want to role with the punches and enjoy a more leisurely vacation. I also have a lot of issue with FastPasses after having done Universal Studios Express Unlimited (see Universal Review for more details). Because of the unlimited nature of the passes at Universal versus the more rigid structured passes at Disney, I would have to say this is my biggest complaint at the park.

My only other complaint, which is the same at all parks, is the cost of food. The costs of meals, beverages and snacks at the park can be unreasonable, especially for those on a budget. The positive side is that you are free to bring in sandwiches and snacks to get you through the day. But it is ineviable that at some point, someone in your group will want a snack or drink shaped like Mickey or covered with the Disney symbol. When that moment comes and you are faced with that bill, it should not cost you as much as a single day ticket to the park. For that, I would say the park needs to calm down a bit. Calm down just a little on prices and you would end up selling double the amount of food and in turn bring more people to the park. Those who are on a budget for vacation should shy away from places like Disney. You can do an amazing vacation for half the cost of Disney and have just as much fun.

In Conclusion

But if you are like most of the population, you are a Disney fanatic and you will still come! When you do, plan ahead. Plan, plan, plan. That is your biggest and best friend. There are many Disney Travel Planners you can contact for assistance and you can always reach out to the Disney fanatic in your life for help! Above all else, go in embracing the crazy. Every single person in the park wants to have the same experience you do, so they are all pushy and ready to go. Be calm, be kind and be generous. It will do no one any good to panic and yell at those around you. In order to keep the experience alive, be a part of the magic by being kind to all those around you. ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿงก

Tell me your thoughts below! ๐Ÿ‘‡


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  • Linda says:

    It was amazingly written. Have not been in years and would love to visit again, once! We always took food to try and help but as everyone is grown now I see such a bigger expense in that! I loved all of your advice and will pass it on. Have a blessed Thanksgiving and beautiful Holidays!!!
    Love, Linda

    • kaldridge says:

      Thank you so much!! I completely agree, especially with older children the expenses just get higher! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

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