Surviving Christmas – 5 Tips to Handle the Holidays

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Have you ever found the holidays a stressful time? Maybe found yourself dreading the holidays because of family issues, financial stresses or sadness? Or maybe your just overwhelmed by all the obligations that come with the holidays.

There is always something that is going to cause you stress through the holidays. The trick is having the tools to overcome them and handle them appropriately. And while no one knows the answer to every situation, there are definitely tools to help you through them. Below are my 5 tips and tricks to get you through the holidays!

1.) Go In With a Plan

Don’t go in without thinking through who will be there, how long you plan to be there, and what the schedule of events is. Family is important, but its also important to know your limits and what you can handle. If you know you can’t handle more than a few hours with family, then plan to only be there that amount of time and stick to it. You have no one that you have to please, trust me. You need to make sure that at the end of the holidays, you are sane and still happy.

2.) Have Calming Action Items/Thoughts

Have ways to stay calm during the holidays. There are two techniques that I have found work the best. One is when you are starting to feel overwhelmed, breathe in for 7 seconds and out for 7 seconds. It seems like a small action item, but it works better than you know. Another one that I am a huge fan of was a tip from Candace Cameron Bure. She said one of her best techniques is to STOP. Stop and evaluate why you are feeling what you are feeling. Stop and ask yourself if you are hungry or tired or if there is some other emotion causing your stress or anger. Whatever it may be when you stop and focus you will have the clarity to work through the issue.

3.) Watch What You Eat & Drink

It may seem redundant or even silly to mention watching what you eat and drink during the holidays. But I really believe it makes a difference. The times of my life where I have overindulged in ice cream, sweets and candies are the times where I feel the worst. What you feed yourself is how you will feel. So keeping yourself focused on not overindulging in food, wine or other items; and you will keep yourself healthy and calm. A calm body will help keep a calm mind and will get you through the holidays without feeling like you are falling apart.

4.) Be Kind

Be overtly, undeniably kind. Be kind even when you don’t want to be. Be kind even when it is the hardest option. You will never regret choosing kindness over anger. When you see a crossroads during the holidays, where you have the choice to be kind or to be hateful or spiteful. Choose kindness even if its not deserved. The thing about kindness is it doesn’t just help the person you are being kind too. It actually helps you out just as much. It changes your heart and soul a little bit at a time. Each act of kindness, no matter how small or hard it is at the time, is ever wasted.

5.) Find the Blessings

This is without doubt the most important tip. Find the blessings where you are. You may be missing a loved one, unable to be with loved ones, full of grief, sadness or loss. Or you may be exuberantly happy this holiday. Whatever the case may be, remember to find the blessings. This life will be full of ups and downs, but no matter what happens, there is always a blessing to be found. So look around you, find a blessing and hold on to that. And if you cannot find one, I will provide one for you. There is God out there who loves and adores you. And He is willing and ready to meet you right where you are.

You will survive this holiday season. Keep you head held high and count your blessings.

Happy Holidays! xoxo- Kayla

Goals for 2020 – Starting the decade off with a bang

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Can you believe we are at the end of the decade? We are on the cusp of 2020 and as we start a new decade, we should think about what our goals are for ourselves. What we want out of our personal lives and careers. Because no one will set goals for us, its something we must choose to do ourselves.

My goals for 2020 are different than those in the past for a number of reasons. I want more than I did in the past and I’m far more confident that I can accomplish those goals. So to assist you in evaluating and creating your goals for 2020 I’ve listed the 3 things I did that really helped me clarify my goals for the year.

1.) Reflect On 2019

What went well in 2019? Where did you succeed and where did you fail? For me, I felt like we killed it when it came to school. We got through some serious financial burdens, we traveled most of the country for rotations, and celebrated 4 years of marriage. Where did I fail? I failed to pursue my goals with confidence. Instead, I gave into the belief that there was no way I could accomplish them and that others were too far ahead for me to catch up. What a lie this is! There is no set timeline for life. God created you in a uniquely beautiful way. Be proud of how far you have come and be proud of where you are going. It’s okay to start something now! Don’t hesitate on your dreams just because you are scared. Be honest with what happened in 2019, the more honest you are the clearer your 2020 goals will be.

2.) Dream Big

I think its easy to start second guessing yourself when you set your goals. Its easy to say, there is no way I will get there or I could never reach that goal. But that is just holding you back. Set lofty goals and then think through how to realistically achieve them. Dreaming big is the only way you are going to push yourself out of where you are. You have to believe that you can do and be more than you ever thought possible. Be confident when creating your goals and don’t sell yourself short.

3.) Clear Goals to Hit

Okay, I struggle hard with this one. I know what I want the end result to look like, but I have no idea how to get there. That is the true enemy of success. Not knowing how to get from point a to point z. So, take the next few weeks and really focus on creating tangible goals. Below is the pattern that I used to focus on my goals for the new year.

1.) A year long goal – Where you want to be exactly one year from today. This is where you can be big, broad and lofty in your goals.

2.) A six month goal – Where you need to be six months from now in order to accomplish your one year goals. This needs to be a tangible goal, something numerical that you can count to show that you are on your way to your year long goal.

3.) Month Goals – Set these goals as specific numerical goals. Numerical goals are easier to track, and you are able to keep yourself on pace throughout the month. These need to be realistic while also keeping in mind the end of year goal.

4.) Daily Goals – Set daily goals so you can keep yourself on pace for your long term goals. This is the hardest one. Create a routine and goals to hit each day. Create habits that will transfer into the accomplishment of your goals. Daily goals will lead to year long success!

After you have written down your goals, read through them again. Chances are you will reevaluate how to get to your final goal as you read them. Remember, its okay to adjust and make changes. Change is natural and a part of life. The key is to keep yourself moving forward toward your overall dreams and goals. There is nothing standing in your way except you and your belief that you can do it!

What are your goals for 2020? I’d love to hear so leave me a comment below!

When You Can’t Go Home For Christmas

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Some years, you just can’t go home for Christmas. You may not have the finances, there may be a medical reason, or the timing just doesn’t line up. Maybe you are taking a vacation over the holidays so you won’t be able to head up to visit family. Whatever the reason may be, there are many people in this country who will not be around family during the holidays.

The last 3 years my husband and I have had a variety of Christmas’. Sometimes we are able to go home for the holidays, and sometimes we can’t. We’ve done all that we can to be with family, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. So today, I want to focus on what to do when you can’t go home and how to make the most of it.

1.) Find a way to do traditions on your own, or invent a new tradition.

This is the one that I have been working on the most this year. We don’t really have any traditions just the two of us, because the last 3 Christmas’s have been all over the place. So this year, I am hoping to implement a few Christmas traditions. My thoughts right now are below, but please leave me a comment on your favorite tradition!

  • Christmas Eve Box – Complete with popcorn, your favorite candy, and matching pjs.
  • Christmas Eve Movie Night – Pick a movie and bring your Christmas Eve Box so you can get in the holiday spirit.
  • Christmas Morning – Monkey Bread breakfast
  • Christmas Morning – Movie Morning opening gifts and eating breakfast

Whether it is you and your partner, you and a friend, or just you; create a tradition that makes you happy and puts you into the holiday spirit. Christmas is all about what you make of it, so embrace the fun!

2.) Get out of the house.

Christmas can just feel longer when you are spending it alone. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by thoughts of not being with loved ones and seeing pictures of family gathered together. My suggestion is to put down your phone, turn off the TV and get out of the house. Go for a walk, go to the local park, anything to get your mind off those thoughts. Spending some time resetting and enjoying the outdoors will put things into perspective and brighten your mood.

3.) Be a misfit at a coworker or friends Christmas

Don’t be embarrassed to go to someone else’s Christmas. It’s okay to accept someones offer to go to their house for the holidays. I can tell you with 100% certainty that I am extremely uncomfortable and awkward going to someone else’s house for the holidays. I can’t help but feel like the uninvited misfit no one wants there. But that is not true! They are trying to be kind and make sure you aren’t alone during the holidays. So push through the awkwardness and be thankful! It may be weird at first, but you will be thankful for it later!

Remember, its okay to be a little sad on Christmas. It’s okay to not be near family or to be alone during the holidays. Just pick yourself back up and remind yourself that you are smart, beautiful and full of confidence. Make this holiday one to remember, its all up to you and your mindset!

What are your holiday plans? Let me know below!

Confident Women: Beating the Game

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When’s the last time you found yourself subconsciously comparing yourself to someone around you? I bet it was not long ago. I bet that you didn’t even realize it was happening until it started putting you in a bad mood. I bet you got mad at yourself for yet again comparing yourself to those around you.

This is a tough one. Regardless of your age, your gender, your career goals, your personal goals, we compare. We compare and we compare far more than we realize. Everyone knows that we compare ourselves to each other and we are constantly told that it is unacceptable to compare. So how do we beat the comparison game? How do we overcome the comparison?

Start by Building Yourself Up

Start building up your own confidence. Every morning tell yourself these 5 things:

  • I am incredibly smart
  • I am beautiful
  • I am worthy of love and respect
  • I am capable of achieving anything I set my mind too
  • I am confident

When you build up your confidence and start telling yourself that you are worthy of more than you give yourself credit for, you will find yourself walking without the need to compare. This doesn’t happen overnight and most likely you won’t even see the change. What will happen is that you start to see yourself being happier and walking with your head held high. Those are the signs of an confident person who doesn’t need to compare.

Make an Effort To Build Up Others

Build up those around you. And I don’t just mean when you feel like it or when its convenient to you. Make a conscious effort to be a light in someone else’s life. Go out of your way to do something that is selfless. What I’ve found is when I step outside my own bubble, I am able to put things into perspective. Once things are in perspective I realize how petty my comparisons have been.

  • Give a genuine compliment to someone you’ve compared yourself to in the past.
  • Help someone who is less fortunate than yourself
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter
  • Write a note building up a friend, family member or coworker
  • Bring a meal over to a family who could use some help

Whatever you do, try to do it out of love. Do it out of a place of selflessness. The more you help those around you, the less you will focus on your own problems. It’s one of the unique things about mankind, the more we give the more we gain in return.

Find People To Look Up To

A tried and proven way to build your confidence is to find people to look up to. Find those who have developed confidence and start learning about their methods. How they overcame insecurities, how they grew into a more confident person. Having someone to look up to and be a mentor will help you develop your confidence. There is no shame in looking and seeking help.

You are a bright, wonderful, intelligent woman. Be strong, be confident and be kind. You’ve got this!

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Decade Challenge – Have you grown or regressed?

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We are coming up on the end of 2019, which means we are at the end of a decade. When you look back on the last 10 years, what do you see? Do you see growth in your life? Do you see positive changes or a more confident you? Or do you see a regression… more anxiety, more worries, more frustration and less confidence?

This is the best time to sit down and reflect on where you have been these last 10 years. Look back and see what has happened and how you reacted. Just like with the history of our country and world, looking back on your history and growing from it are just as important.

Your Career

Chances are you have either changed jobs or completely changed careers in the last 10 years. It is becoming more and more common for us to change jobs every 3-5 years or to make a significant career change. When you look back over these last 10 years, is your career where you want it to be? Have you taken the risks/chances that you wanted to take? If you haven’t, are you content where you are? Are you happy with the path that you are on? If you are not, what are you doing to change your path? Its easy to just say, one day I will do this or one day I will go for a new career/job. But its an entirely different thing to follow through on that statement. We have one month left in 2019, embrace the change, embrace the unknown, and believe that you can make the next 10 years great.

Your Confidence

When I look back at the last 10 years, the most significant change I see is how much more confident I am. I was not confident at 16 years old. I was unsure of myself, I was constantly degrading myself and I never believed I could do what I wanted. I never had the courage to reach for my dreams and believe I could make them happen. Instead, I bought into the lie that I wasn’t good enough and that I didn’t deserve a good and bright future. What a lie this is! When you look back on the past 10 years, evaluate your confidence. Have you started to believe in yourself? Have you stopped berating yourself over things outside your control? Be honest with yourself on how you are doing. If you need to be selfish and make some changes, do it! Make changes to become a better version of yourself and to be more confident in who you are.

Your Relationships

This is a subject that you will never look back on and say that you never did anything wrong. We are all human, and human relationships will have their ups and downs, its part of the deal. Ultimately what matters is letting go of past hurt and frustrations and pushing towards healthy relationships with those around you. If you look back and there is still a lot of past hurt, seek help. Go to a counselor and seek help. There is no shame in saying you need a little assistance, because it could make the next 10 years so much better. However your relationships have evolved over the last 10 years, focus on ways to improve upon them and go into 2020 with confidence!

Your Life

Is your life taking the trajectory you want it to? If it’s not, I highly recommend you take a step back and ask yourself this: Where are you on your spiritual journey? For me, I try to look back and ask if I am following the path my Creator wants me to. Am I leading a Christ filled life? Am I helping others and being the light that this world needs? If I am not, then it is time to take a step back and ask myself why I am not following that path. What has stopped me from being the person I am meant to be? A lot of the time its because I don’t have the courage to stand up for myself and my beliefs. It’s easy to let the world around me dictate my choices and actions instead of focusing on what is good and noble. Whatever it is stopping you from living the life you were meant to, evaluate how you can change that and start living your best life. Be a light in this dark world. Bring kindness where there is hatred and evil. Above all else, have courage and be kind in every situation.

Tell me what you are reflecting upon. Tell me what your plans are for the next decade. I’d love to learn a little more about you! Comment below!

Takeaways from Magic Kingdom – The Good and The Bad

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The Happiest Place on Earth, the worlds largest and most effective marketing machine, the place that all people want to come and visit. Disneys Magic Kingdom is one of the most visited parks in the country and hosts the most iconic Disney Castle. For the first time in over 10 years, we finally made it back to Disney! So today I’m just going through a few of my takeaways from our day at Magic Kingdom.

While it was without doubt a phenomenal park with endless things to do and see, it also had moments of intense stress and aggravation. Now granted, we did not have children with us, and that can take away from the magic of seeing Disney through their eyes. But there were definitely good and bad parts to Disneys Magic Kingdom.

Let’s Start With The Good

Walking up to the Magic Kingdom is exactly how you’d imagine it to be. The entrance is grand, full of magic, and extremely inviting. The employees are kind and definitely focused on bringing the best experience they can. As you enter the park, the moment can take your breath away. Between the village, castle, ambiance, music, characters, staff and decor it’s easy to.get sucked into the magic. Everywhere you look is overwhelmingly beautiful. I believe the extent to which they have branded the parks, from the entry to food, to rides, to attire and souvenirs is what makes this place so special. They have branded everything to make it so Disney oriented that you can’t help but get intrigued and consumed by what is around you. So let’s go into a few of my favorite things from Magic Kingdom.

One of the best parts of the park is that it is easy to navigate as it all shoots off from the castle, making it easy to hit your favorite parts of the park quickly and efficiently. Now, onto the food. I swear 90% of the food has some sort of Mickey Ears branded on it! Between the famous dole whip, the Mickey Ear Ice Cream and the endless turkey legs there is something for everyone in Magic Kingdom. There are meals with Disney characters, street side vendors with everything you could ever need, and all sorts of specialty shops to investigate along the way. And while you could spend your day eating your way through the park, you have to check out the rides. The rides are classically named and most are very fun for both adults and kids alike! I highly recommend going to the ride you most want to go on first thing in the morning, that way you are guaranteed to get to ride it! For us, Space and Splash Mountain were highest on our list. And except for Peter Pan all rides were reasonable wait times and lines moved quicker than you’d believe, even on a Saturday. But above all, I love meeting the Disney princesses. The princesses are in character the entire time and are unbelievably kind and generous. They exemplify the Disney brand in all they do and it is without doubt one of the better parts of the Disney experience!

Now On To The Not So Good

Let’s start with fast passes. If you don’t have FastPasses scheduled it can be extremely frustrating to stand while people continuously pass you. My biggest issue with FastPasses is that you need to schedule them in advance. So even if you do plan fast passes ahead of time, you have to schedule your entire day around those preset times. Preset times are good and bad, good for very scheduled people, bad for those who want to role with the punches and enjoy a more leisurely vacation. I also have a lot of issue with FastPasses after having done Universal Studios Express Unlimited (see Universal Review for more details). Because of the unlimited nature of the passes at Universal versus the more rigid structured passes at Disney, I would have to say this is my biggest complaint at the park.

My only other complaint, which is the same at all parks, is the cost of food. The costs of meals, beverages and snacks at the park can be unreasonable, especially for those on a budget. The positive side is that you are free to bring in sandwiches and snacks to get you through the day. But it is ineviable that at some point, someone in your group will want a snack or drink shaped like Mickey or covered with the Disney symbol. When that moment comes and you are faced with that bill, it should not cost you as much as a single day ticket to the park. For that, I would say the park needs to calm down a bit. Calm down just a little on prices and you would end up selling double the amount of food and in turn bring more people to the park. Those who are on a budget for vacation should shy away from places like Disney. You can do an amazing vacation for half the cost of Disney and have just as much fun.

In Conclusion

But if you are like most of the population, you are a Disney fanatic and you will still come! When you do, plan ahead. Plan, plan, plan. That is your biggest and best friend. There are many Disney Travel Planners you can contact for assistance and you can always reach out to the Disney fanatic in your life for help! Above all else, go in embracing the crazy. Every single person in the park wants to have the same experience you do, so they are all pushy and ready to go. Be calm, be kind and be generous. It will do no one any good to panic and yell at those around you. In order to keep the experience alive, be a part of the magic by being kind to all those around you. 🧡🧡

Tell me your thoughts below! 👇

Confident Women- 5 Steps to Becoming More Confident

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Today is all about helping you be the most confident woman you can be. There are such extreme views on women, both from progressive and conservative minds.

You are told who you should be, how you should act, what you should buy, and what your career path should look like. But there is rarely a conversation of how you become more confident in your life. And if you focused on being more confident, how much stronger would you be in all the other areas of your life. Being your most confident self will lead you to the places you always wanted to go, but will also help you to stay grounded. Becoming more confident does not happen overnight. It is not something a simple makeover will do for you. To truly become more confident you need to change some of your lifestyle habits.

So today we are going over 5 steps to a more confident life.

1.) Show Up and Exercise.

I don’t care how you exercise, I don’t care what intensity or how pretty you look doing it. What I care about is you showing up. Show up for yourself. Exercise isn’t just healthy for your physical health its critical for your emotional health. Confidence comes from within and how can you feel good and confident if you aren’t taking care of your body? Again, I am not saying you need to be a size two with a perfect ‘model’ body. I am saying that you need to give your body the exercise it desperately needs. Your body is made to move and it needs to move to function at it’s highest capacity. So treat it well and show up for yourself. My workouts are never pretty : its ugly, its tough, I fail over and over again. But when I show up, my body and mind feel 100% better. Do this for yourself and no one else and watch your confidence begin to grow.

2.) Make Small Diet Changes

I can tell you right now that I have never been able to make immediate long term diet changes. I’ve never been able to say, no more carbs, and keep it up. The only thing that has ever worked is to make small choices as often as I could. Small choices where I choose the healthy option. When I give in and eat 10 Oreos when I shouldn’t have, I don’t get mad at myself, I just push myself to make the next choice healthy. Like eating salmon for dinner instead of a burger. Small choices will lead to bigger life changes. So be okay that you will occasionally fail. Be okay that these changes won’t happen overnight. Just start each day with a fresh mindset knowing that you can always make the next choice a healthy one. And remember that confidence comes from within and taking care of your body is the first step.

3.) Five Positive Affirmations

Every day say five positive things about yourself. It doesn’t matter how crappy you may feel that day. Be positive in that moment about who you are. Telling yourself what is good about yourself once a day will slowly help you see past the negatives the world puts in your mind. Your mental health is just as important as physical health and the brighter your mental health the more confident you will be. Confidence really comes when you believe in yourself and believe that you are worthy.

To get you started here are a few of my affirmations.

1.) I am worthy of good things.

2.) I am beautiful just the way I am.

3.) My worth is not defined by others.

4.) It is okay to to put myself first and to take care of myself.

5.) My future is whatever I want it to be.

4.) Speak Kindly to Others

Speak kindly to others. I have noticed that when I am harsh or angry toward those around me it makes me far less confident. Because confident people don’t need to tear others down or be mean to those around them. Confident people invest in others, speak kindly to those they meet and treat others with respect. Confidence is being the best version of yourself and knowing that confidence is being confident in who you are not how others see you. When you do encounter situations where you have been hurt, angered or mistreated; step back. Step back and reevaluate the situation. Step back, call a loved one and remember that life is bigger than that person who mistreated you. Kindness is always the best option, even if it doesn’t feel that way in the moment.

5.) Be Content

Be content with who you are right here, right now. You have worked hard to get to where you are. Be content with where you are. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have goals and plans for the future, it simply means you are content with where you are right now. When you accept where you are today you will develop extreme confidence. Who wouldn’t have confidence when they accept themselves where they are? Instead of constantly judging themselves against what they don’t have. Instead of looking to others for their contentment, look inward. Once you do, you will see the confidence start to grow. Choose to look at your blessings and be content with what you have right now.

You have all the tools you need to be confident. All it takes are a few changes every single day. Once you start making these changes, you will slowly start reaping the rewards. Confident people are developed over time. Be gracious with yourself and remember that you can do this!


To the Medical School Spouse — I See You

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I see you working hard to keep everything together. I see you pinching pennies to make it through these years. I see you praying that it will all be worth it in the end. I see your sacrifice. I see your heartache. I see your endless support and love. But most of all — I SEE YOU.

Medical school is without doubt some of the hardest years I have ever encountered. You and your spouse are sacrificing ‘normal’ life for the sake of your spouse’s dreams. Instead of normal you are choosing 14-hour days, weekends full of studying, and financial burdens you never foresaw. It’s a broken system, but a system you have to go through to accomplish your spouse’s dreams. You are willing to do it and so thrilled to see them succeed. But in the back of your mind, you feel the exhaustion.

You have sacrificed years supporting your spouse. Spent years living the college lifestyle-scrimping, saving, just trying to get by. Years spending nights and weekends alone wishing your spouse had more time to spend with you. You ask does anyone see what you have sacrificed? Does anyone see that this has been a struggle for you to keep everything together while your spouse is dedicated to school?

Let me just say, I SEE YOU. I see you praying through this time and hoping that it will pass. I see you struggling, trying to remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I see you holding it all together when all you want to do is fall apart. I see you when you are lonely and just praying your spouse will get home soon.

And while I see all this, I want to tell you what else I see. I see you being the rock that is needed in that moment. I see that you are invaluable to your spouse’s success. I see that you are making sacrifices that will be well worth the wait.

Sticking through the thick and thin is not easy. Medical school is not a cakewalk and it is not designed to help those with spouses and families. Medical school is the only way that our country will get robust and intelligent medical doctors, and the only way they finish is through your love and support. You are needed in this process, you are making a difference and let me say it again, you are INVALUABLE!

The next time you are cleaning the kitchen, spending the weekend alone, or overwhelmed by the financial burden — remember that it is worth it. You are a key part of your spouse’s success. You are assisting and creating peace in their life more than you realize. This life that we have chosen is not easy, it is not the path that most choose. But it is a rewarding life, a life that will help and assist those in need. Be proud of what you are doing, be proud of the support and love that you are providing. You are more than you believe you are. You are not alone. You are loved. You are valuable. You are SEEN.

Everyone Hates Me

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“Everyone hates me. No one wants to hang out with me. My coworkers don’t want me around.”

There is a small voice in the back of our minds trying to convince us that the world is against you. That you are small, insignificant, unworthy and unloved. It’s the voice in the crowded rooming saying you’ll never be enough. It’s the bang of self-doubt when you are around your friends or loved ones.

This voice affects each and every one of us in different ways. It may be telling you that you will never be able to live out your dreams because you are not talented or pretty enough. It may tell you that you don’t have ‘real’ friends and that those who hang out with you do so out of pity. It may be a rush of anxiety when you face a new situation, telling you that you are and will be a failure. This voice. This negative, lying voice. This voice is trying to stop you from being the best that you can be. It wants you to believe that you are unworthy and unloved.

The problem with this voice is when we believe it! We believe the lies we are being told, we believe the media when they say we aren’t good enough or talented enough. We believe that we are less than we really are.

But I am here to implore you to push aside this voice. To push aside the negative thoughts. To believe the best about yourself and not hold back out of fear or anxiety. If I could leave one thought with you it would be to you remember WHO YOU ARE.

You were made in the image of an almighty and loving Creator.

You were made to do great and powerful things.

You were made to bring light and goodness into the world.

You are worthy of more than an anxiety filled, stressful life.

You are completely and totally loved. You are loved more than you will ever know.

Most of all, have faith in yourself. Believe that you are capable, intelligent, worthy, loved and strong.

Remember, today and everyday, who you are. You are worth more than you’ll every know. Be proud of yourself. Speak positive and kind words about yourself. But most of all, remember how loved you truly are.

Your Choices Are Directly Impacting the Quality of Your Life

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Where you are today is a direct result of the choices you made in your past. Your confidence in yourself is a series of choices. Choices that you make, the things that you say, and the life that you lead. Every day you are given several options, and the path and choices you make today will directly impact the course of your life.
The question becomes, what choices are you making? Are the choices you are making leading you to a more confident life? Or are they leading you to a life where you are full of distrust in yourself and your abilities?
This is an area that I struggle with every single day. It’s easy to focus on only my negative choices and the negative things happening in my life. I can jump down the rabbit hole and get lost in these thoughts if I don’t make a conscious decision to focus on the positives. To say that I am worthy of more than I believe I am. That this life is what I make of it, I can make it a positive and wonderful experience, or I can choose to succumb to the dark thoughts that are always trying to encroach on our life.
As I strive to be a more positive, confident person I have found a couple avenues that have helped guide me in this process.
1.) Take Time to Invest in You
Get out of your comfort zone and invest in yourself. Learn something you’ve always wanted to know. Take a new class on a subject you’ve always found interesting. Get out and explore a new area of your state and look at it with fresh eyes. Go to your favorite bakery and enjoy a cup of coffee and a good book. Invest in you, invest in your future. Don’t be afraid to step out into a new field. Confidence and positive lifestyle starts with a single step.
2.) Positive, No Negatives
Of all the negative things we say in this world, sometimes the worst things we say are to ourselves. We tell ourselves that we are unworthy, ugly, unintelligent, and a whole host of other things. The more we say these negative things about ourselves, the more we will believe them. We are quick to believe the worst in ourselves instead of believing the best. Confidence comes when we choose to be positive instead of negative. When we choose to tell ourselves that we are beloved and worthy we change our thought process.
3.) Give Selflessly to Others
Giving of your time, energy, and resources will elevate your confidence. I don’t feel less confident than when I have treated someone unfairly or without kindness. When I have chosen to be selfish instead of being giving and selfless. There is something about treating others right that leads to an abundance of confidence and joy. Pay it forward to the stranger at Starbucks, run an errand for your spouse, or treat your least favorite coworker with kindness. Try to live a more selfless life and in turn your confidence with grow.
Choose today to take steps toward a confident future. Be content with where you are now but be willing to push forward toward your dreams. Say kind and positive things to yourself and let go of the doubt from your past mistakes. Your choice today will impact your confidence and your future endeavors.