Tips for Working Out on a Busy Schedule

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My dad has always said that 80% of working out is just showing up. I cannot express how accurate this is! The biggest hurdle standing between me and working out is convincing myself to get to the gym. Once I make it to the gym, I am able to concentrate and start on my workout. This is obviously easier said than done, so I have a few tips that have helped me get off my butt and to the gym.

Tip #1: DON’T SIT DOWN!! As soon as you sit down from getting home from work or errands or dropping the kids off at school, do not sit down. The second you sit down your desire to get back up and head to the gym is almost gone! I have found that if I get home, say hello to my husband and kitties, change and head straight to the gym, I feel better about myself and my workouts are almost always harder and better.

Tip #2: Plan to workout. Personally, I head to the gym after I get home from work. This means that I have to have dinner already planned and set out before I leave for work so I don’t have to stress or take time out of my workout. This also means that I have already set aside the time to head to the gym, eliminating some of the excuses that come to mind at the end of the day!

Tip #3: Accountability Tell your spouse, parent or friend when you plan to workout. Yes, I agree, it gets annoying having someone keep you accountable to work out. But there is nothing better. Their love and care for your health is worth a little aggravation!

Tip #4: Find Your Why Why are you doing this? What is the deep, real honest truth behind why you want to work out? Do you want to get healthier, improve your stamina at work and home, run a marathon or get involved in local sports team? Whatever your reason, it needs to be a real constant reason that will motivate you. If it isn’t motivating you, its not your why. Your why should drive you to get off the couch and get to the gym. Once you’ve found your why, there’s nothing you can’t do!

Tip #5 Have Fun! If you are bored, you will quit right away. This is why I have quit so many times. I get bored and think that spending time at the gym is worthless. My little gym at my apartment used to bore me until I realized what a luxury it is to have a gym all to yourself. I blast music, movies and TV shows to keep myself excited and entertained as I work out. Making my workouts something I look forward to has made them productive and fun!

If you have any tips I should try please let me know!

The North Pole Experience

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Welcome Christmas Season! So excited to share our first Christmas event of the year!

My sweet husband went with me to the North Pole Experience(NPX) in Flagstaff, Arizona. The NPX takes you to the North Pole where you are able to experience the magic of Santa’s Workshop. You start your experience at The Little America Hotel, where you check in, get souvenirs and can get a cup of hot coco. Once your trolley bus is ready, you board and set off for the North Pole!

Once you arrive at the North Pole, you start out in Santa’s Toy room! You are able to see a bunch of fun antique toys that Santa used to make and kids get to take part in the Toy Solider Dance! So cute and so much fun! After that you head into the workshop where you help the elves dress teddy bears. Something to note before you head in is that you are not able to keep the teddy bear you dress up at the workshop, your child gets a teddy bear when they meet Santa at the end of the NPX. After Santa’s toy making room, you head to the gift wrapping room. Here children get to help the elves put toy parts on the conveyor belt that goes to the workshop and they get to see all the fun different wrapping papers that the elves use!

Once you’ve dressed the teddy bears and gone to the wrapping room, you get to see Mrs. Claus’s Bakery! Here you get some hot coco, a sugar cookie and get to dance with the elves. Personally, this was my favorite room, it was very well decorated, everyone was served hot coco and cookies quickly and the elves in this room were the most animated of the bunch! After you finish your hot coco and cookies you head to Elf University. At Elf University you learn what it takes to be an elf in the North Pole. Kids and adults learn the elf song and sing it together. Once you have learned how to be Santa’s elf, you go to the mail room where you write a letter to Santa! I even got my husband to write a letter to Santa 🙂

Finally, once you’ve written your letter you get to see Santa’s sleigh and meet Santa. Each family gets their own time with Santa and you get a personal photo as well! At the end of your time you receive a link and a code that leads you to your pictures! These pictures are available as soon as you walk out of Santa’s room! And that’s the conclusion of the North Pole Experience. This is a must do event if you have children, and for those that don’t, if you love Santa this is still a fun and magical experience!



17 Things I’m Thankful for In 2017

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17 Things I’m Thankful for This Thanksgiving

  1. For my family’s health-No matter what else happens during the year, I am always so thankful that my family is healthy!
  2. My husband is doing so well in medical school. 2nd year for us seems to be the hardest so far! He is getting a great GPA and I’m so thankful for his hard work this year
  3. We can pay our bills. If there is one thing I have learned during our time in medical school, it’s that if you are able to pay your bills, you are very blessed. Med students and their wives are forced to keep their budgets tight during school, being able to pay your bills is such a blessing.
  4. Thankful for the amazing weather this fall in Arizona! November and December are beautiful in Arizona! It’s no secret why there is a wave of baby boomers who come out here this time of year.
  5. My adorable two cats—I know that cats aren’t for everyone, so hear me out! My cats, Batty and Fred are the cuddliest, friendly cats you will ever meet. They love to talk to us and always want to be held or lay on our laps!
  6. Social media! When I moved away from family two years ago, I really struggled being away from family. The biggest blessing is that social media allows me to see what’s going on and still be involved in their lives.
  7. I am thankful for my husband, for many many reasons! He isn’t perfect, but he is always there, always forgives me and always pushes me to move forward.
  8. This past year, my cooking skills have drastically improved. I am learning to experiment in my meals, adjust the ratios, and memorize what spices work best with what foods
  9. Thankful for the possibilities in life. Knowing that things will not always be as they are now. That we have a bright future ahead of us!
  10. Contentment. Thankful that while I have dreams and goals for the future, I am content where I am. I love our small apartment, I love binge watching tv shows in our downtime, I love working through life together.
  11. Air conditioning! Seriously, this summer was one of the hottest on record in Arizona! Couldn’t thank the Lord enough this summer for air conditioning!
  12. Christmastime. Christmas is always a time where I can push away the bad, and focus on the good. Every year, I am so thankful for Christmas. Everyone becomes more generous, loving and compassionate!
  13. Thankful for the small things in life. The big things don’t come fast or easily. But the little things; small kindnesses, generous giving, little encouragement, these things make each day so much better.
  14. Honestly, I’m thankful for Netflix. My husband has to study a lot, which means I spend a good amount of time binge watching Netflix!
  15. I’m thankful that I get to live in this country, yes there is a lot of anger and frustration separating us, we still live in a wonderful place with so many opportunities!
  16. One more time…my husband, for the sacrifices he makes, for dealing with my craziness, and for loving me through it all!
  17. For a God that forgives us for our mistakes. It has been a rough year! Bad mistakes, doubt, disappointment, worry, but through it all, God loves us and forgives us! What a blessing that is!

And I am thankful for all of you! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Travel on a Budget

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Traveling on a budget is a unique experience. Because my husband and I are still in school (well he is), we are stretched pretty thin on how much we can spend on trips. Let me tell you what my plan is when we look for our vacations!

First and foremost, we look up the travel cost. As that is the most expensive portion of the trip, how much we have to pay to get there is half the battle. I scour for deals on all sites looking for times, dates, coupons; anything that will help us get there without spending so much. The big thing will travel costs when you are on a budget is be patient. It can get overwhelming when you want to go somewhere and you just can’t make the costs work. Stay the course, stay calm, and keep searching!

Next, we try and find a cheap place to stay. Don’t get me wrong, I love beautiful, stately hotels and it’s hard to not stay there. But if you can make it through a mediocre, slightly crappy hotel, you can save your money and use it to explore the sites! Let me paint you a picture of the most extreme example of this that I have done so far. My husband and I went to San Diego and he let me choose the hotel. I chose a hotel about 5 miles from the Mexican border at a Motel 6. Yes, I am fully aware these aren’t the best places to stay, but it was a holiday weekend and it was my cheapest option! The hotel was surprisingly very clean, with a giant flat screen and Direct TV. There weren’t any fancy accessories or anything special about the room, but it served the purpose of giving us a roof over our heads. By taking this room we were able to save our money to try new restaurants, activities and view the sites!

It may seem like you are missing out by not having the best hotels and amenities every time you travel, but its okay! Making small sacrifices gives you the ability to spend money on the things you really want to do, like taking a surfing lesson, going to a famous zoo, or exploring new parks.

Another good example of saving money when going on trips, is exploring the possibility of camping. I will be the first to say that camping has it’s downsides. But if you look in the right places, you can find a campsite with clean showers, sinks and general stores to help with your unexpected needs! We found a perfect campsite in Malibu, called Malibu RV Park. The campsite has a gorgeous view, clean shower rooms, and everything was well maintained. Camping ended up being so much better than staying in a hotel, and we were able to save a couple hundred dollars!!

Lastly, we only eat out one meal a day. Don’t get me wrong, when we do go out each day, we try a fun local place! But, when deciding between exciting activities or eating out, I will choose the activities every time! My suggestion is bring pop tarts and granola bars for breakfast and materials for sandwiches and chips for lunch. That and a 24 pack of water will get you through your trip on a skin tight budget. You may need to spend a little bit of money on a cooler, but the cooler will pay for itself after a few trips of following this regimen!

At the end of the day, you need to be patient and not worry about how you look. Don’t worry about what people think if you aren’t in the fanciest place or eating the fanciest food. As long  as you are enjoying your time and making memories you will have the best vacation!

And as always, remember travel is good for the soul!


Arizona Bucket List: Jerome 

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Jerome, Arizona is a unique city on the side of a mountain just two hours outside of Phoenix. Jerome is considered the “Largest Ghost Town in America” and it fits the name! To get to the city you drive up the side of Cleopatra Hill, a steep mountain with a gorgeous view overlooking Sedona. When you get to the city, it is full of one of a kind shops, from the cutest hole in the wall coffee shop, to a year round Christmas store there are tons of fun shops to visit! Jerome also plays up it’s Ghost Town reputation with restaurants that host a wide variety of ghost related decorations. There are a variety of cute restaurants to eat at on your visit, the Vaqueros Grill and Cantina for example, hosts Mexican cuisine with a flare for the dead. Vaqueros also showcases handmade jewelry and local artwork from Arizona, making it a must see location!

My husband and I chose to eat at the Asylum Restaurant, a restaurant named because it was once an Asylum for the town. The Asylum Restaurant is at the top of the mountain giving you a stunning look at the Arizona landscape! The food was fantastic, and everything inside was beautifully decorated to fit the town theme and style! Another plus to this restaurant is that it couples as a hotel, if you are willing to stay in  rooms with the ghosts of the Asylum, this is the hotel for you!

My favorite attraction in Jerome is the Gold King Ghost and Mine Town. There is an array of old train cars, trucks, Volkswagen buses, and other antique equipment. We spent almost 2 hours wandering through all the antique equipment, tools and automobiles enjoying the memories of old. There is also working mining equipment that you can witness in action as you round out your trip to the Ghost and Mine Town.

If you are looking for the small town charm that America was built upon, Jerome is the place for you. I have no regrets spending the day in Jerome touring its unique charm! The next time you are in Arizona make sure you stop by Jerome!



Inside the Cutest Coffee Shop in Jerome!


View from Jerome


View from our table at the Asylum Resturant


Because all small towns need cute cups!


My favorite antique truck in Tiffany Blue!!


Fall Jackets Options this Season

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The weather in Arizona is finally starting to cool down, so I am looking to find the perfect jacket for the cooler weather! I wanted to share with you some of the adorable jackets I am dying to get my hands on!

I am really going for styles that will transition well into the winter season. The winters in Phoenix range from the high 50’s to mid 60’s making jackets an easy look to carry over. The focus today is on two of my favorite boutique shops.

The first shop is Closet Candy Boutique. Absolutely one of my favorite stores! I’ve been dying to get my hands on this jacket. It’s the Ready for Take Off Jacket in the color chocolate. Its the perfect fall/winter jacket and is the perfect accessory to a plain white tee or a cute dress. Pair it with these adorable boots from Closet Candy and you have an amazing outfit!

One of my other favorite shops is Modern Vintage Boutique. This chic boutique sports a unique jacket I can’t wait to try out! I also adore this Faux Leather Cognac jacket! I love the lighter look for pumpkin patches, hayrides, walks in the desert, and everyday attire. It’s a beautiful jacket for fall!

The final option is the Sequins Sleeve Cargo Jacket. It ties two of my favorite things together, jackets and sequins! This is a unique and bold choice to pull off and I highly recommend you try it. This look will transition your style into the holidays seamlessly. Because, as we all know, sequins are the perfect addition to any holiday look!

I can’t wait to show you what I decide on! Let me know which item you think I should get below!



5 Things to Look for in a Photographer

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One of my favorite hobbies, if you can call it a hobby, is getting professional pictures taken. I love the excitement of putting together a cute outfit, finding an adorable location, and getting pictures that will last a lifetime.

I thought I’d revisit our engagement pictures, and I just fell in love with them all over again! My expectations have grown over the years to expect better quality pictures and more candid poses. I am currently on the hunt for a good photographer to do Horse Shoe Bend in Northern Arizona. Today I am going to share with you 5 things I look for in a good photographer.

Photographer 2

My favorite “posed” photo. 🙂  Photo Credit: Jennifer Conrad Photography


Experience: If they have been to that specific location before, they will know how the lighting works, best angles to hit, and where the best scenic areas are. I look for photographers who are experienced in the area I want the photos taken. It takes a lot of the pressure off you to know where to line things up.

Quality: When you are looking for a photographer, make sure you for consistent quality. Zoom in on the photos, do they look fuzzy or are they clear as day? Make sure they have produced consistently superior quality photos or you could be at risk for getting fuzzy and ‘not quite right’ photos.

Price: There is absolutely no reason to overpay. I support paying a fair price for good pictures. But there is a fine line between a photographer who charges an appropriate price and one that is going to overcharge you. Make sure you read the fine print of the contract. Are you getting rights to the pictures? An online gallery? Do you have the ability to print the pictures on your own or do you have to order through the photographer? Make sure you know all the details of how the photographer works before you book the session.

Style: There are very different styles photographers choose. Some have a darker edge to their photos, some are natural light photographers, and some are studio photographers. Does their style fit what you are looking for? If you are looking through their photos and are saying, wow these are too dark, or too overexposed, or I don’t like how these photos are too posed, this is probably not the photographer for you. You want to go through their gallery saying, “Wow! I would love to have photos like this!” That moment is when I know I’ve found my style.

Reviews: Some photographers have reviews on their pages, others have comments under photos, and some have tagged pictures on Instagram. Take the time to research your photographer. Do clients seem happy with their pictures once they receive them? Is the photographer delivering their end of the bargain in a timely manner. Make sure you look into what others have said. It can save you a lot of headache in the future!

After you go through these five steps, you should have a gut instinct about which photographer will fit your style and needs. If you are unsure, it’s best to keep looking until you are confident with your decision! I am so excited for my next session and can’t wait to see yours as well!

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Photo Credit: Miss Mae Photography 

View More:

Photo Credit: Miss Mae Photography

Malibu. Sun, Surf, Good Times

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My husband and I haven’t had a week of vacation together since we were married two years ago. With me working full time, and him being a full-time student, we don’t get a lot of time off. So, I was thrilled to get so much time together! We had no stress, no responsibilities, and no worries!

We made plans to go camping in Malibu for a couple of days. We had never been to LA/Malibu, so we were ecstatic to see what the area was like. Let me tell you, Malibu is GORGEOUS! Between Los Angeles, San Diego and Malibu, Malibu won hands down. The beaches were pristine and well maintained, and it was so much more relaxing than LA and San Diego had been. Our campsite was located in the mountains at Malibu RV Park, on the east side of the Pacific Coast Highway. Our campsite overlooked the ocean, and it was stunning! No matter where we were  in Malibu, the ocean was just a few steps away.

Our first stop was the Santa Monica Pier. I had heard that it was a must see place in LA, and it was such a unique and fun experience. There are so many rides for kids to play on and there are tons of tasty food vendors and places to buy souvenirs. If you head to the end of the Santa Monica Pier you will see some locals fishing off the dock. If you are lucky you will even see a seal like we did! Now, this seal wanted fed. When he wasn’t he left. But it was still so fun!

We also went to the beach on our first day and spent time enjoying the sights. My husband is normally a very tan person. But he has been so immersed in schoolwork, he is not outside as much. He got burnt to a crisp that day, which put a bit of a damper on the rest of the week. 😉 

Zuma Beach was without doubt our favorite beach, especially since we saw dolphins there almost every day! Evan’s plan was to try surfing for the first time, and I was going to paddle board for the first time. The water was too rough that week for me to try paddle boarding, but Evan could try his hand at surfing. Let me tell you, he really enjoyed it! I give credit to all the surfers out there. Surfing was definitely a lot of work, he was exhausted!

We went out to eat at some amazing places while we were out in Malibu: Malibu Seafood, Spruzzo, and Burger Fi. Malibu Seafood was right next to our campground and was definitely a local favorite. I am not a huge seafood fan. However, I got a deep-fried shrimp platter, and I am pretty sure I have never had such tasty food! It was unbelievable! Everything was made fresh and so well done. Also, if you stay at the Malibu RV Park, you get a 10% discount on dinner! The next night we tried Spruzzo, a local restaurant near Zuma beach. We went there for the $20 combo pizza, and it did not disappoint!

We took one of the days of our vacation to go and visit Hollywood! We have a bucket list of places we want to hit while we live out west, and Hollywood was definitely on there! Our first stop was the Hollywood Walk of ame. Who knew it was so long! It was such a fun time seeing all the new and old stars. After the walk of fame, we drove to a neighborhood near the Hollywood sign to get some gorgeous photos!

During our trip to downtown LA, we ate at Chili Johns. Whenever Evan and I go on a trip we try to stop at least one restaurant Guy Ferrero ate at. Let me warn you up front: it is located in a rough area, and the outside looks like it hasn’t been updated in years. However, the food is unbelievable. The chili is fantastic. But the lemon cream pie was to die for! I haven’t had that good of pie since the last time my grandma brought me pie! We spent the rest of the day saying goodbye to the ocean, with a promise that we would be back soon.

We loved Malibu and would highly recommend staying there on your next trip to California!

My husband and I haven’t had a week off together since we were first married two years ago. With me working full time and him being a full time student, we don’t get a lot of time off. I was so excited to get so much time together! We had no stresses, no responsibilities, nothing but just enjoying our time together!



Malibu has the best beaches!


Santa Monica Beach


End of Route 66


Santa Monica Pier


Zuma Beach


First Surf Experience


Good luck!


Burger Fi


Don’t let the outside fool you!


Amazing chili!


Our campsite

Last First Day

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My little sister, Maddie, starts her first day of her last year of high school today, she is officially a senior! For me this is a crazy day because she has always been my little sister, to see her growing up into a wonderfully woman is amazing and so humbling. I am unbelievably proud of her so I wanted to let you all know a few fun facts.

1.) Maddie is a master makeup artist! It’s astounding how good she is and she’s only 17.

2.) She is one of the most intellectual people I have ever met. She is a quick learner and remembers everything!

3.) She is driven and passionate. When she knows what she wants she will work incredibly hard until she gets it. I have always admired this about her.

4.) Maddie has such a big heart, she loves everyone and wants to help those around her.

5.) She is gorgeous, hands down the most beautiful sister in the world, and I could not be more thankful that God gave me her as a sister.

So today, on my sisters last first day of high school, I want to say good luck and I love you! There are so many bright and amazing things awaiting you, and I can’t wait to see you conquer them all. I have never doubted for one moment that you will achieve all your goals in life. We are so proud of you and so thankful for you.

Keep perspective this year and enjoy every moment! The days are long but the years are short! Love you Maddie!



One of my favorite pictures of us!



Yes I made my family get up super early to have coffee and play board games before I boarded my flight to Phoenix 🙂


2 Year Anniversary!

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Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband!

Our second year has definitely been the best year of our marriage so far! My husband, Evan, started medical school and finished with flying colors. We had our first Christmas at our apartment instead of traveling home. My husband had surgery on his elbow in the spring, and my company was bought out and I started a new position in a large corporate business.

A lot of things happen over this year of our marriage. We have learned a lot about each other and we have grown together in our marriage. For me, the biggest thing I have learned over this past year, is to be patient. Medical school is rough, especially with me working full time and us being far from our families. But, I wouldn’t trade a moment of our lives for anything. My husband is the best thing that has happened to me, and I am so grateful for him each and every day!

So please enjoy some throwback pictures! 🙂