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One of my biggest passions in life is travel; I want to see what this world has to offer! The unfortunate part of loving to travel is that it is a rather expensive passion to have. Right now I’m serving as the primary support for my husband and I while he completes medical school, which gives us not only limited funds but very limited time off. Instead of being down about it, we’ve taken the challenge to explore 5 new places that we want to see while we’re in Arizona for the next 3 years instead!

With that, I am going to spend a couple blog posts going over the 5 fun places we want to go, and what we want to do while we are there! If you have any suggestions or advice on what to see or do while we are out there, please let me know!

The first destination we would like to hit is HAWAII! We’re closer to Hawaii thank many other points in the US (especially since we used to live in Indiana!), and there are direct flights from PHX to Hawaii. This made the decision pretty easy to list Hawaii as our #1. Within Hawaii we have two islands that are our top spots: Oahu and Maui.

Oahu: My husband wants to see Pearl Harbor and honor the sacrifices that men and women made for our freedom. If there is one thing you can never question about my husband, it is his utmost respect for our veterans and current soldiers. And since this is a trip that he is going on because I have begged for it…. we will definitely make this a top priority! 🙂 There is also this amazing 4-wheeler tour ride that you can take in Oahu as well where you travel around different areas where movies were shot locally. If you don’t know this already, my husband and I are the biggest movie lovers in town. We can be coerced into most anything with a good movie. So I am heavily pushing toward going on this fun movie tour!

Maui: Maui… is just absolutely gorgeous. The beaches, the scenery, everything is stunning. I would love to see Maui for its sheer beauty. Taking hikes to see the gorgeous waterfalls, laying out of the pristine beaches. There is nothing short of just stunning scenery in Maui. I have only two desires while on Maui, which are to visit a gorgeous waterfall and relax on the beach. To me, my time in Maui should be focused on relaxation and enjoying God’s creation. I would love to learn how to surf while I was out there, but I don’t think I would be able to pick it up quick enough! Maybe this means I need to move to Hawaii?! 😉

Thanks for reading, love you all!!



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