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April 21, 2017

24 Things Before 24!

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I don’t know much in life, but here are 24 things I’ve learned in honor of my 24th Birthday! (Along with some fun throwback pictures for you!)

1.      JOY: Jesus. Others. You.

2.      Place God first even when it’s hard.

3.   We cannot serve the Lord without a heart of forgiveness.

4.    Don’t believe you must follow the patterns of the world.

5.      Call your family all the time. While I can’t call everyone 24/7, I really try to make sure they know that I love and miss them. It’s so important that they know what’s going on in your life, and you know what’s going on in theirs. 

6.  “Don’t be an Eeyore, Be a Tigger” – My parents 

7.   Find a group of people in the same walk of life as you. It helps to have someone to share life with. 

8.      I have almost 2 years of marriage under my belt! It is difficult at times, but so worth every moment!

9.      Moving is hard, but it can be extremely beneficial to both yourself and your marriage. Leaving forces you to figure things out together and you don’t have as much family influence so you rely on each other for help. Moving forces you to grow up together and grow up quickly.

10.  Med school is rough on both the spouse and the student, so if you choose this path rely on each other and the Lord you will need it.

11.   Try NOT to take work home with you. It is not fair to your spouse.

12.  It’s okay to have kids now, but it’s also okay to wait.

13.       I have one life to live-instead of doing things I don’t enjoy I am going to focus on my passions and things that I love. 

14.      Quit worrying! I worry a lot… probably more than most people; however, I am learning that worrying doesn’t add anything to my life. Worrying actually takes away the joy in my life. (I always say that worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair… you feel like you’re moving but you don’t go anywhere)

15.      It’s never too late to change your mind. If you decide you made a wrong decision you can change it and focus on what makes you happy.

16.   Don’t let negative people try to control your life. 

17.   Everything is a season. This too shall pass!

18.   Give to others whenever possible. My husband and I don’t have a lot, but even with a little giving it can go a long way.

19.   Even if you have to make sacrifices, you need to follow what you love. The sacrifices will be well worth it in the end.

20.  People first: Money last. “Money greases the wheels of life, but you can’t take it with you.” (A quote from my dad, but absolutely true)

21.   Laugh through it all!

22.   Make your bucket list of what you want to accomplish

23.   Try to mark one item off your bucket list a year.

24.      Adventure is out there! Have adventures with your spouse and friends. Do something different, try a new idea out. Adventure is what keeps you alive!