Destination Denver: Part 1

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I haven’t been to Denver since I was kid; however, I was able to meet up with my mom and sister for a mini vacation there this weekend! It was so much fun and we saw so many breath-taking, gorgeous sights!

Day One: I flew in from Phoenix, and my mom and sister flew in from Indiana. As soon as we  met up at the gate we started our Denver adventure. Stop one: the Red Rock Amphitheater. The Red Rock Amphitheater is a stunning location for musical events and other festivities.



Red Rocks at the Amphitheater


Red Rocks at the Amphitheater with my mom and sister!


From the Amphitheater we drove to the mountainside viewpoint. We soaked up the view as much as we could until we were surprised with hail! We then followed a sign for Buffalo Bill’s grave. In all honesty, we had no idea who Buffalo Bill was, but figured why not?! It was a gorgeous grave and was located near a beautiful view of Denver. While at the gravesite, we decided to head into the nearby shop and get some root beer floats. Well, lets just say, I would not recommend root beer floats here. When we received the floats they were completely overflowing, sticky, and most of the root beer was gone because of the fizz. We were very disappointed, but it made for one funny story!



My sister broke the rules!!


Our new Colorado Style!


After Buffalo Bill, we decided to drive around and see what views we could find on our own. It had been so long since I’d been in Denver so we wanted to see what beauty it had for us. As time flew by and our mileage counter climbed we still  couldn’t find anything (plus, we were getting pretty far away from where we were staying). We then made the decision to get off at the next exit, which was Golden off 70. We were surprised to find a gorgeous river right off the interstate, so we decided, “Well, lets go look at the river and get some pretty pictures!”



My mom and I by the gorgeous river during a hailstorm!


We found the perfect turn-off spot where the river continued to flow between two mountains. It was just an absolutely stunning view! The river was part of Clear Creek Park. It was so gorgeous; The road winds around the mountains and you can’t go wrong taking some time to go and see this river and this view.



Where JoJo and Chase went on their date in Denver 🙂


I love these two so much 🙂


After this, we drove back to Denver, got some Qdoba (my mom’s favorite) and then crashed at our family friends’ house. She was so sweet and was willing to host us the entire time we were in town. She took us out and we went shopping around the local boutiques, too, because my mom, sister, and I have to go shopping when we are together. Plus, my sister is a total fashion inspiration- she always has the cutest, unique style! (more on that to come later 😉 )

Stay tuned to Destination Denver: Day 2 because we had so much fun that day, and had some fun visitors!








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