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June 2, 2017

Destination: San Diego

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This was our first time in California, and we were stunned by the gorgeous San Diego beaches… and when I say gorgeous, I mean breathtaking, stunning, and truly a wonder of The Lord. Every time I see the ocean I am reminded of how much love I have for it and how much it speaks to me in a way other landscapes can’t. I spent the greater part of my weekend trying to convince my husband that we needed to move to the beach when he is done with medical school! I’m really fighting for some time on the ocean where I can learn to surf, explore the wildlife, and go deep-sea fishing. That’s all in the future though, so let’s go on to the things we did while we were on this trip!

As soon as we arrived in San Diego we went straight to Seaport Village. Seaport Village is a beautiful outdoor center full of unique restaurants and businesses. It overlooks the ocean and docks so you can watch sailboats and fishing boats floating across the water as you walk in and out of shops. It was absolutely gorgeous, but be warned: parking is very expensive near the village. I would highly suggest parking closer to Gaslamp Quarter for the day and walking to Seaport Village.

After Seaport Village we walked to the USS Midway Museum, which is about a 10-15 minute walk. On your way to the USS Midway I recommend stopping at the local fishing pier; It was hands down one of the coolest/weirdest things I have ever done! Once at the Midway, you are able to see what life was like on a US Naval Ship that was involved in battles during the Vietnam War and Desert Storm. There are unique war planes on the top deck, too, so  you are able to see living quarters and much more. I would definitely budget your time to spend a couple hours here, and with an $18/person (online cost) fee, it is well worth your time and money!


View from Seaport Village, very cloudy morning on the coast!



Swordfish for sale 🙂



The USS Midway!



Top of the USS Midway with my husband


After the USS Midway Museum, we went to BarleyMash where we had some creative burgers that I’ve never tried before! My husband had their award-winning “The Champ” burger and I had “The Volcano” burger. Both were amazing and  at a good price. This place is a  must-hit if you are in the Gaslamp District.

After that we headed to Coronado Beach, which has an absolutely mind-blowing  view of the ocean with its clean beaches and significantly less crowded sands. It’s also dog-friendly, if you have a pup that you want to bring along! Then, because I couldn’t get enough of the beaches, we drove down to Imperial Beach Pier to watch the sunset over the water. It was the most amazing sunset I had ever seen in my life! To tie in my Midwestern girl roots,  I ended my day by  taking my husband to his first drive-in movie… Baywatch! How appropriate!



Coronado Beach, such a calm beach


Imperial Beach Pier


The next day my husband and I got up early and headed straight for Mission Beach. This was probably my favorite beach we visited on the trip, and it was certainly the most popular and well-known beach in the area. I loved taking in the morning with my husband watching the amazing waves on the warm sand with very little spectators besides ourselves.  It was without doubt the perfect morning- and no surprise, but there’s a Starbucks about 5 feet from the beach, which makes it even better! I would highly recommend seeing Mission Beach early in the morning with a nice cup of coffee. Mission Beach also has a boardwalk with its own mini carnival, small roller-coaster, arcade and fair games. They have and amazing ice cream and shaved ice, too!

To end the day, we went to Sunset Cliffs Natural Park. This park was off the side of the road, but the view was well-worth the drive. It has a very shaky ground though, so be careful when you go! My sweet husband also took me to see a lighthouse! This was extra special for me because I’ve been telling him since we first met that I wanted a lighthouse. 🙂  I was thrilled that he could make this dream come true with the Point Loma lighthouse! Although admission was a small fee ($10/person), that experience was priceless for me.


Mission Beach!



Sunset Cliffs Natural Park



Sunset Cliffs Natural Park!!


Gorgeous view of Sunset Cliffs

Overall, my husband and I had an amazing time on our first trip to California, and we highly recommend San Diego for your next trip