It’s one of the few days in Phoenix when its raining, and honestly I was thrilled it was raining! I was in a great mood and was coming home ready to relax and enjoy my evening. Pull into the park and walk into the trailer after work, and all I see is water. Our new floor is covered, the seats are soaked, and I see a consistent drip of water coming from the slide out. It was like stepping into a movie, where the main character has had a million other things go wrong and on top of it all, the rain leaks. Rain leaking into your home is one of the most disheartening things in the world. Especially when you think you fixed it!

Oh the joys of buying used. You just can’t guarantee that everything will be working perfectly the entire time you need it. It’s unfortunate to have these moments, but this is also why we decided to start living in the trailer earlier than we initially planned. These couple months were to work out all the kinks in the system. While that’s all grand and dandy, it’s also a giant pain in the butt! It’s a lot of worry and stress trying to get everything resolved in time. But it’s also, fire-pits in front of the lake overlooking the stars, its cuddling up in the trailer to watch a movie, it’s getting out in nature and enjoying all that life has to offer.

The trailer life is new neighbors every few days. It’s doing puzzles, taking walks outside, and truly enjoying each others company. So for all the stress that a used trailer brings, the fun, love and excitement make it all worth while! This is life I always dreamed of living. If you are on the fence about trying the trailer life, let me encourage you that it will far surpass your expectations!


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