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April 2019

Build Your Confidence: In Work and Life.

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Believe you can do anything. Have confidence that you can be and do whatever you want in this world.

One of the things that our travels have taught me is that my confidence is determined by me. Not the circumstances around me. There have been moments where my stress and anxiety have gone through the roof and I get insecure. Can I get my husband and I through the next year? Will I be able to handle work, our travels and my husbands crazy rotation schedule? How are we going to handle additional costs that 4th year presents? The questions and doubts seem to be endless.

These doubts are feelings that we all experience. We put on this facade that we are confident and secure in what we are doing, when really we are insecure and complete unsure of how we are going to get through this. With all of our pressures in life, between work, family and our friends; we have to keep up appearances of confidence. We push ourselves to a breaking point to live up to someone elses expectations. Over these last few years, I have started to work on several methods to build confidence, overcome my insecurities, and have faith in myself. Here are my suggestions for those trying to build their confidence in work and life.

1.) If work is draining, causing you anxiety, or just generally making you unhappy; it’s time to move on. I don’t say that as a millennial or as a progressive 26 year old. What is really important is your happiness, so if you feel that those around you at work are causing you to be less than your optimal self, please look for other options. Invest in yourself and believe you deserve a job that you love and enjoy. Life is way to short to be miserable and

2.) Find a hobby or activity that brings you joy. You need something to look forward to, that you can be confident in. That you can look forward to on days where life drags you down. Life isn’t going to go as planned, having something you can enjoy that is an escape from the every day life will keep you sane, happy and full of life!

3.) Take time for yourself. This might be the most critical portion of developing your confidence. Taking time to yourself, to grow yourself and to remember how amazing you are! You are going to be your biggest supporter! No matter what your job, kids, or spouse need from you, you must take care of yourself. Whether that’s a break at the local coffee store, a walk around the block, or an afternoon at the spa, your happiness is just as important as those around you.

4.) Support those around you. It may seem like an oxymoron, but when you help those around you, you develop confidence in yourself. You were not brought into this world in order to only help yourself, you are here to help others, to be a light in a dark world. Don’t use your gifts and talents only for yourself, use them for the benefit and support of others.

5.) Focus on faith. One of the biggest ways that I overcome the expectations of this world, is focusing on my faith. A reminder that we are not to be of this world, but to be a positive life in a dark world. Faith tells us that when we focus our minds on things above, the things of this world become less important and stressful in our eyes.

Matthew 5:15 “Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. 16: Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

You are a light in this world, be confident and show this world how amazing you are and what you can do for those around you! The only thing stopping you from being everything you want to be is you!


Weekend in Seattle

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Because of all my travels for work, this was the first weekend that I was able to spend in Seattle! It was absolutely wonderful and full of adventure!

We started off Saturday by heading out to Whidbey Island. This island is just outside Seattle and was the perfect place for us to go exploring for the day. My entire goal for the day was to enjoy ourselves and get out there and see the area. As we were driving around we came across this adorable farm stand. We stopped and got some amazing homemade ice cream at K&R Farms and toured their gorgeous tulips. They grow and sell tons of tulips and it was such a colorful and nice surprise in the face of a very grey dreary day.

One of my favorite stops that day was Deception Pass. A gorgeous overlook, bridge and park that tunnels in water from the ocean. The waters were a gorgeous green blue and had crashing waves making a magical and wonderful view. Deception pass was a must see location if you are ever in the area. A view unlike any other!

After Deception Pass we headed off to Coupeville to experience one of their local treasures Kneed and Feed. A local restaurant that’s been around for many years and has a gorgeous overlook of the ocean. The food here was wonderful, but the best part was that we got to see whales and seals for the first time! It was beyond my wildest dreams to get to enjoy lunch with my best friend and see whales and seals passing along as we do so!

A quick ferry ride back to the city and a thirty minute drive down to the city and it was time for our first Seattle Mariners game at T-Mobile Park. This was one of my hubbys bucket list items. He absolutely adores baseball and I knew we had to take time to hit up this ball-field! What I didn’t adequately prepare for was not only does the top of the field open but the sides are open as well. This allows tons of wind and chilling temperatures in. To say it was cold was an understatement!

The next day we went on our first kayak adventure! We had never been in kayaks before and decided to do so in about 8 mph winds, a little crazy! But we had an absolute blast on Lake Union which overlooks Seattle. This lake houses some of the largest yachts in the area, as well as overlooks of the Seattle skyline and the Space Needle. I would highly recommend taking a morning and exploring the city by kayak, it’s a great way to connect with your spouse or travel friends and a crazy arm workout!

Whatever you choose to do during your time in Seattle, there are gorgeous overlooks, activities galore and rich history and beauty all around you. I implore you to just enjoy every moment while you are here, its worth the trip out!

xoxo- Kayla

Ice cream and tulips at K&R Farms
View right outside Kneed and Feed
It may have been dreary outside but it was absolutely gorgeous !!
Deception Pass Bridge
View of the ocean at Deception Pass
Bell that is designated for whale sightings. If you see a whale ylu go out and. Ring the bell so others can experience them as well.
Another view of Coupeville a gorgeous little town.
T-Mobile Park. First Seattle Mariners game.
Walking around the ball field before the game.
Like I’ve mentioned before. Travel And experiences bring out the biggest smiles.
If you look closely you can see the Space Needle in the background!
Another view that my hubby took for me!

Seattle Destination: Snoqualmie Falls

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Snoqualmie Falls was one of my top destinations when we arrived here in Seattle. An absolutely gorgeous waterfall 100 feet higher than Niagra Falls. These falls were only 20 minutes from Issaquah RV Park making it an easy trip on our first Saturday in Seattle.

Snoqualmie Falls is located behind Salish Lodge and Spa and is a completely free attraction! There is free parking right across the street from the hotel, with plenty of spots and room for larger vehicles. A quick walk over the bridge leads you to the first overlook of the falls.

The first overlook is high over the falls giving you a view of the entire falls and the lodge situated next to it. These observation decks were spacious and for a Saturday morning virtually empty. Of course as soon as we got there it was windy beyond all belief.

There is another observation deck that gives you a view of the falls from the bottom of the mountain. If you are willing to hike down, the view is worthwhile. The hike down is full of lush greenery, moss covered tress, and tons of berry bushes. Take your time walking down as there is so much to see and experience as you hike to the waterfall.

Once you get down to the lower observation deck you are greeted with a view of the entire waterfall and the surrounding forest. This observation deck is not as big as the upper observation area so be prepared for a tighter fit. However, you are able to feel and experience the power of the waterfall and see the water in all its glory. The views from this observation deck are best when it’s sunny so if you stay long enough for a bit of the sun to pop out, you will be rewarded with gorgeous views and hints of rainbows in the waterfall. While you are here you can also hike down to the river front. Some of my favorite views were down at the river as you could get up and personal with the water, trees and vast mountainside.

After you head back up the mountain to get back to the upper observation deck, there is the Salish Lodge immediately to your right on the way out. Their restaurant, The Attic, is a gorgeous place that you can go eat at. I highly recommend making a reservation prior to arrival and request a window seat. We were lucky enough to get one of these highly coveted tables and it was a wonderful lunch experience. From our view we were able to watch kayakers paddle up to the falls and then raft down the river, view the falls and overlook the mountainside. Not only was the view to die for, food at the Attic was delicious and the speed of service was amazing. I highly recommend heading there after your experience at Snoqualmie Falls, it was the perfect way to round out our experience.

A few tips for those planning to come to Snoqualmie Falls.

1.) Be sure to bring a wind and rain resistant jacket.

2.) Wear boots suitable to hike in. While the trail is paved, the hike is steep so good shoes are required.

3.) Take your time. It is easy to rush through a site like this. Take a deep breath and enjoy every minute of your time here, the longer you are here the more in love with it you will become!

4.) Don’t forget a good camera! The observation decks are placed a good distance away to protect you against sudden water changes. As long as you bring a good camera you will get the great pictures you are hoping for!

If you ever come and experience Snoqualmie Falls, be sure to tag us in your pictures as we’d love to see your adventures!

Tag us at #cultivateconfidence.


Biggest tip, wear rain clothes! Since we ignored that recommendation, we got completely and utterly soaked when it started pouring!

Arizona – The Final Chapter

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Arizona has been my husband and I’s home for the last three and a half years. It has been a place of incredible exploration and growth. Arizona holds a special place in our hearts. As we drove out of Arizona, I can’t help but tear up over the people we have met and the places we have seen.

Arizona is where my husband got his masters degree, its where he started medical school and had the true beginnings to his medical career. This is where I saw my husbands passion for helping others and fixing their aches and pains to give them a happy and long life.

Arizona is where I got my first grown up job and where I met some of the most wonderful amazing friends. It’s the place where I was challenged, where I was forced to get stronger, to develop more courage and to embrace the woman of God I was meant to be. Each day in Arizona has taught me so much, to believe in myself and to know that who I am IS GOOD ENOUGH.

As I look back on my time in Arizona, I am filled with endless thankfulness. Thankful for all the opportunities, struggles, growth and love that we have experienced here. I am thankful for the amazing places we have gotten to see (check out our Arizona Travel Guide!). This was in no way my first choice when we were talking about places to live, but it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

For those of who wondering how you will survive in this world, how you will make it from each day to the next, let me be your voice of encouragement. To know that you are strong enough to move away from your hometown. To know that you have the courage to explore this world and all it has to offer. You have the love and kindness to take on each situation with grace and know that there is a God out there watching you and protecting you. Trust in Him. Trust that He is guiding your steps, that when you aren’t sure why you are heading down that path, that He has a plan for you.

As J.R.R. Tolkien once said, “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” Decide today to accept the adventure ahead of you and embrace the change in your life!