The Pacific North West stole my heart in a way that no other place has done before. From the moment we got there, it just felt like where I wanted to be. Everything around us was lush and green and every turn had lakes, rivers and waterfalls. The water was a deep rich blue surrounded by the most vibrant green. Because of the constant rain in Seattle, everywhere you look had the greenest greens surrounded by thick moss and vibrant greenery. There wasn’t a single place in the area that didn’t have a picturesque view. It was like stepping into the fairy tales and movies I had watched for years. Where everything was a magical wonderland just steaming with adventure and excitement. Seattle had the home away from home feeling I was always looking for.

It took less than 24 hours for me to start looking at my husband with giant heart eyes saying just how much I wanted to live out there. Everything about it just screamed adventure, fun and comfort. This wasn’t a place I ever thought we would want to end up, but the fact that my love for the area grew so quickly, I was willing to move that day!

Then one day, I had one of the most confident moments of my life. I was standing in the outskirts of Seattle when I realized that if this was the place that God led us to, that we would be just fine. That whatever obstacles we faced we could overcome them together. That even though Seattle is on the other end of the country and a 4 hour plane ride away, God’s plans are greater than our own. I had no doubt that if we were called to move to Seattle for my husbands three year residency that we would thrive and grow.

Confidence comes in the most unexpected ways, whenever it comes embrace it and use it to grow. Wherever you are, focus on the good around you. Enjoy the moment that you are in. Never in my life did I think I would get to do all this traveling at the same time, to be in Seattle for over a month, and to fall in love with travel even more than I had before.

Travel brings such confidence, it broadens your world view, it challenges you, but most of all it brings excitement and fun into your life! Have confidence that you can travel and watch how much confidence it in turn brings to your life.


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