“With the world so set on tearing itself apart, it don’t seem like such a bad thing to me to want to put a little bit of it back together.” Desmond Doss

The world we live in is constantly trying to tear not only itself but you apart. The world doesn’t want you to be confident and happy. The world knows that if you are confident and happy then you won’t need them. Our society thrives on fear, terror, self-consciousness, anxiety, greed and power.

What can you do to put the world back together again? I would say its by starting to see the world as bigger than the bubble you live in. The easiest way to understand this is to reflect on all the things you have thought of in the last few days. Has any of it been focused on what you can do for others? My guess is, most of what you think about are your own problems, issues, ambitions and goals. And while all of these have their place in your day to day thoughts, we fail to add time for others.

A little kindness and generosity goes a long way. A little spark can build a huge fire and truly bring change to the world. Our world will always continue to tear itself apart, there will always be arguments and wars, there will always be those out to hurt and destroy. But where there is darkness, there is light. Be the light the world needs to see. Have confidence that you are the light that can change the world. Confidence that you have the ability to go out and make that difference.

When you look back at your life, what are you going to care about? Are you going to care about the cars you bought, the things you did, the job you had or are you going to care about how you treated people. Are you going to care about the difference you made and they impact you made on those around you? My guess is, you will care more about the impact you made and how you helped those you crossed paths with.

If we are to start choosing to put others above ourselves and bringing real kindness into the world, we should start at home. Start with your community and family and bring a contagious light to all you meet. Remember these three things as you start finding ways to be kind and generous in your community.

1.) Every little act counts.

Everything you do, even if it is the smallest act of kindness or generosity is impactful. It changes the world one step at a time. Buy someone a cup of coffee, bring flowers to your elderly neighbor, help a child with their homework, or just bring a smile to someones face.

2.) You have a clean slate every day.

Every day is a new opportunity. If you messed up the day before, or didn’t show kindness to those around you its okay. Take a deep breath, let it go, and move on to the next day. Change starts with little acts and each day is an opportunity to be more and more generous and kind.

3.) Be confident in what you are doing.

Be confident in who you are. This is absolutely critical to being kind and generous to those around you. You have to be confident that what you are doing is the right thing and that each thing you do is for a reason. When you feel like you aren’t making a dent in this dark world, be confident that the smallest beam of light is all that is needed to break up the darkness.

Go out there with confidence and be the light!

xoxo- Kayla


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