This week I officially hit 20 weeks pregnant! This is the week where it all felt more real to me, mainly because I definitely started to show more these last couple days! What is it with pregnancy and not showing until one day its like, hello baby! Regardless, I wanted to go over my eight tips to surviving to 20 weeks pregnant. These are just tips from my experience, definitely not the same for everyone, but just what I would suggest for those who are newly pregnant.

1.) Give Yourself Grace

Before getting pregnant, I didn’t realize how much grace you would have to give yourself. In the beginning I just didn’t feel like me for weeks, I felt so out of it and exhausted. There was no other way of phrasing it, it was just an odd time where I wasn’t me. All I could do was continue to give myself grace and remind myself this was only temporary. I hope when you start your pregnancy journey that you give yourself grace and remind yourself that your body is going through massive changes. It’s okay to be exhausted, frustrated, tired of being pregnant, whatever the emotion may be. Have grace that this is temporary and it will be over soon and result in a beautiful baby.

2.) Workout, If You Can

If I was to do anything different, I would have tried to workout more before hitting 20 weeks pregnant. I have started implementing more workouts in the last few weeks now that I have felt better. But for the longest time I was just so tired it sounded like the worst idea. I don’t do a ton of workouts now either because I get tired so fast. So, I am just focusing right now on getting small workouts in and gradually getting better. It’s not about being perfect, just not letting myself get too far behind. And honestly the workouts are helping me to sleep better, improving my mood and giving me more energy. They are worth it if you can implement them in your schedule!

3.) Eat, Don’t Feel Guilty

I had so many food aversions until about 13-14 weeks pregnant. Now, I am absolutely starving! The hardest part of this is that you want to constantly eat but you don’t want to overeat either. There’s this ever growing back and forth between eating enough to satisfy your hunger and not overeating where you gain too much weight. My philosophy has been trying to find a happy medium these last few weeks of pregnancy. To not feel bad when I want to indulge but also being aware of how many calories I’m consuming. There is no perfect diet during pregnancy, do what you can to be happy but eat enough to feel satisfied as well!

4.) Find an OBGYN you like, don’t feel bad switching!

I had to switch OBGYN’s midway through (right around 12 weeks) and I’m actually glad I did. I liked the new facility/group I went to much more than I did the other. Sometimes you have to be okay with making a change even if its scary. Doctors are human just like me and you, so you will bond better with a certain group over another. They aren’t going to take anything personally and will assist you with the transfer. What’s most important is finding somewhere that makes you feel comfortable and safe.

5.) Have Milestones to Look Forward To

In a pre-covid world I did this all the time with trips. Trips were little milestones that I could look forward to and focus on. Future trips gave me hope and something to strive for on the hardest of days. During covid and the pregnancy; things like the anatomy scan, planning our gender reveal, and getting baby showers planned are things to focus on. They have kept me going through all the crazy pregnancy changes and stresses that seem to keep popping up. Having things to look forward to and to be excited about give me strength on days where I was not feeling it.

6.) Trust Yourself. It’s Your Baby

This is YOUR baby, trust your instincts and trust yourself. The baby you are carrying was given to you to take care of. It’s a blessing entrusted to you mama, and that means you can listen to family, friends or strangers but at the end of the day the decisions are yours alone. Trust your gut, trust your instincts, trust that you know your baby and what it needs. Letting go of needing to listen to everyone’s advice will free you of so much stress. There is no reason you can’t still be friends with everyone, but you do NOT have to implement or trust what they say. Every baby is different and you are this babies mama. You got this girly!

7.) Keep Doing Things You Love

Don’t stop doing the things you love. Don’t stop your hobbies and the things that give you life in this world. These things are you and who you are, if at all possible keep doing them. Keep being you so that when the baby comes it will see you for all that you are. You will be happier and won’t feel like you are spiraling if you can keep some of what makes you YOU. Don’t give up a hobby you love because a baby is coming into the world, instead just rearrange life to fit them both. In the end, that will help keep you grounded.

8.) Enjoy, Don’t Stress

There are literally a million things to stress about: health, finances, weight gain, nausea, labor, registry etc. The list can go on forever and you could stress everyday of your pregnancy. For most of the 20 weeks, I just pushed the stresses aside and tried to keep living life. I definitely had my moments of stress and frustration. But I wanted to just be happy and enjoy and dream about what life would be like when the baby came. Yes, I’m a bit behind on the registry and there are definitely a lot of things in the rental house that need to be done. But I know that they will be and I’d rather enjoy the time we are in now than worry about how I will finish my to do list. The to do list will get done, don’t stress!

What are your tips for those going into their first 20 weeks of pregnancy? What would your biggest suggestions/cautions be? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay healthy and safe! xoxo -Kayla


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