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September 21, 2021

Why Three Month Baby Photos are So Special

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My daughter is three months old and is at such a beautiful age. She smiles at us more and more, interacts with her environment and is just brimming with personality. There is no end to the joy that she brings to our lives. One thing that is so important to me as she grows is to get photos documenting the moments. Photos that document not just her but us as a little family. Babies grow and change so rapidly and parents are exhausted and overwhelmed. So taking the time to get some three month baby photos was crucial for me so I would remember this stage forever.

Now let me be very transparent, Mia was not happy for these photos! You can see evidence of that in several of the photos below. She’s only three months old so she doesn’t understand the concept of cooperating for photos. But she showed all kinds of different faces and was just her true self. And honestly her grumpy moments made these moments all the more special to me. You will never be able to control your childs emotions or how they will be feeling that day. So embrace what they give you and cherish the memories, that’s why we get the photos done in the first place!

My recommendations to make three month baby photos a success is to go with the flow. When we originally got there, Mia had a cute bow, jeans and baby shoes on. The bow lasted less than a minute as she balled when it was on. The shoes and jeans only lasted until the first diaper change where she became so content I just ran with it and accepted the outfit as is. And I think that’s what makes the pictures so unique, fun and a genuine look at us. I hope that you will take the plunge and take three month baby photos, because my goodness are they worth it.


Photos: Victoria Isabel Tate

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/victoriaisabeltate/