Beginners Cooking Tips

Tip No. 1

01. Follow A Recipe

Seriously, follow a recipe! Especially, when you are learning the basics. Recipes are there to guide you so that you learn to enjoy cooking and make food that actually tastes good! Once you get the basics down you can start making adjustments and making it your own, but in the beginning FOLLOW A RECIPE!!

Tip No. 2

02. Buy The Necessary Tools

Even if you buy the cheapest kitchen tools out there, make sure you get the necessities. Things like a ladle, spatula, whisk, grater, hand mixer, etc. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars, but take it from me you need the tools. It will make life easier and make cooking fun! I am just now getting a mixer and let me tell you I am so thankful!

Tip No. 3

03. Buy the Herbs

One thing I have learned after a lot of trial and error is that you need to buy ALL the herbs in the recipe. And the fresher the herb the better. It makes a huge difference on the taste. It’s expensive to buy the good herbs for each recipe but it does make a huge difference. So don’t skimp on the herbs!

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